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Well hello again!
I am free from the horrid cold and am now "only" battling the pollen invasion. It's apparently the worst pollen season in Gothenburg in 39 years which felt nice to hear because that confirms my belief that I've never ever had it this bad before. And I think pollen was one of the reasons David and I were so extremely tired and puffy eyed during our Copenhagen weekend.
Today I will show you how our sunday went. It was very windy but that didn't stop us, so let's take a peek.
We started off the day with another fleamarket. On this one I found a really nice black top for very little money. Good start of the day!
Then we went to the book café Paludan. I had read a lot about it on different blogs and was excited to see that it was just as lovely as it was described.
Books everywhere! They had a beautiful staircase up to the second floor but that photo didn't do it justice at all, so you'll just have to take my word when I say it was wonderful in a way only magical book stores can be.
Coffee and chocolate muffin!
Tired ol' me!
After this we were just too tired for words so we went back to the hotel and slept for a couple of hours. I told you; it's the theme of this trip. Extreme amounts of tiredness piled upon a huge mountain of sleepiness, dusted with pollen for a dramatic effect. Yeah.
In the late afternoon we had booked a table at a place on the other side of the tracks. The sky was quite dramatic and the wind could no longer be called a nice breeze. We walked faster, partly because we were hungry.
We found our way to the Tivoli Hotel (not at all close to the themepark Tivoli, by the way) where they had a funky elevator. Check out David's smokin' hot eyebrows!
We rode the elevator to the top floor...
... and stepped out to this spectacular view!
And this was our goal for the evening: The restaurant Sticks'n'sushi.
*happy sigh*
*loud rumbling in stomach*

It was so tasty and I could have stayed there for hours just eating but we were, surprise surprise, so extremely tired so we longed for the hotel again.
So after some coffe we walked our way back, fell asleep and slept like logs for ten hours or something.
And then, in the morning it was time to leave Denmark. But we didn't want to go back to Gothenburg just yet... so we went to Österlen for a couple of days instead! I'll tell you all about that next time.

Have a lovely weekend, my dear friends and readers.

Hope you had a nice weekend, I myself got caught by a nasty cold and am currently coughing like crazy. I spend most hours of the day in the couch watching Harry Potter movies but today I've felt the need to do something so I've made a new necklace pendant and now I'm trying the "sitting infront of the computer" thing for a while.
Because! It's time for the second one of my Copenhagen posts!
Saturday. Sunny and lovely Saturday in Copenhagen. Are you ready?
We walked to Nørrebro and checked out the fleamarket along the yellow wall. Last year I found the comfiest shoes I've ever owned at this fleamarket and this year I bought a really nice leather bag for almost no money.
The wall covers the big cemetery Assistens that I'd heard a lot about and since I'm a huge fan of cemeteries it was a definite must to pay it a visit.
It was such a lovely spring day and the moment we stepped inside it felt so peaceful and quiet around us.
Almost like a fairytale. I love how this cemetery was sort of wild grown. Large like Östra Kyrkogården (close to where we live) but so much more uncontrolled and rugged.
I matched the tree roots perfectly.
Beautiful wall!
Look! Wild and uncontrolled and so very dramatic and beautiful!
Things were left to grow together.
Someone took the opportunity to nap at the same time as his baby.
When we came back outside it was time to go in search for a café.
We found The Laundromat Café where David was happy to see they had vanilla milkshakes on the menu.
We were so incredibly tired and the pollen amount was affecting us both so we had hayfever too. We just sat there for quite some time to get the energy back.
Coffee and croissant for me.
Such a tired lady! I look so different here. Puffy eyed pollen hater, thats me!
We made our way across the bridge again after a while.
Lots of people on bicycles! Such a sure sign of spring.
Walked through the same park as we did last year.
And took a photo at the same place as well. Ah, we're creating traditions!

When we came back to the hotel we fell asleep for a couple of hours and then we went to a restaurant in the evening but the camera got to stay at the hotel so no pictures from that.

It was a really nice and cozy day and I'm so glad I got to see the Assistens cemetery because it was so beautiful! We even got to see the graves of H C Andersen and Sören Kirkegaard. Fascinatingly enough those graves weren't particularly interesting looking though. Too clean and proper and therefore, in my eyes, more boring.

I'll be back with the third, and last, Copenhagen post soon I hope. All depending on how this stupid cold progresses.

Until then:
Hello hello!
I promised you Copenhagen photos and I will deliver. In three posts! I take so many pictures on trips like this and I feel like 47 photos in one post is a bit too heavy so this is part one of three from a very nice and lazy weekend.
We arrived in the afternoon and went in search of a place to eat. Copenhagen was in full spring mode.
We found our way to Halifax where we had lovely burgers and beer!
Tired. This is going to be the theme through all these three posts. We were just so damn tired! So much has been going on lately and there will be even more happening in the future so we were in great need of a weekend like this. It was quite interesting to look through all the photos from this trip because we look so tired in all the photos! I hardly recognise myself in some of them. We slept A LOT and went for nice walks around the city and ate amazing food and it was the best!
The dad talking to his baby, the lady on the bike waiting to cross the street, the woman with the blue hair, all the pretty flowers and houses. There's so much going on in this photo and I love it!
Parkways. One of the many things I just can't resist. I have so many photos of Copenhagen parkways, a few of them will pop up in these posts but far from all of them.
Spring has come a lot further in Copenhagen than in Gothenburg.
The light was just so nice!
LOOK AT THE COLOUR! I am just so amazed by the colour and light in these trees and I feel like the person who decided to plant this exact type of tree right there deserves an award of some kind. It's just so well thought out! Evening sun through tiny yellow leaves, it's simply perfect.
Things like this can make me happy for a very long time.
We walked back to our hotel when we were too tired and fell asleep hours before our usual bedtime and then we slept for eleven hours.

Today it's Good friday and I'm off to work. I'm working all weekend but after our realxing days in Copenhagen it feels quite alright.
I hope you're having a nice weekend and if you celebrate easter: Happy Easter! Glad Påsk!

In july David and I made a weekend trip to Copenhagen. Our plan was to buy lots of alcohol for our wedding but we wanted to have a few nice days there as well. I blogged a little bit about that in a post with iPhone photos but since I took so many photos with my Nikon D80 I wanted to show you those too. So lets take a look at a very nice weekend in july, when the sun was super hot and David's and my wedding was still in the future.
A walk around the theme park Tivoli.
Yeah, baby! Work it!
In this park all the statues had got their lips and genitalia painted pink...
The comfiest shoes in the world, found at the fleamarket in front of the yellow wall in Nørrebro.
Such a simple pleasure: Lie on a wooden deck and watch the water and sun make glitter in the leaves of an intensely green tree.
Last night I had a terrible, terrible nightmare. It was the worst one I've ever had, I think, and I woke up and cried hysterically for over ten minutes. I kept falling back into the dream every time I fell asleep again so I stayed awake most of the night to get away from it. Truly awful. Today I have been feeling such sorrow and grief all day. My brain still hasn't really realised it was only a dream. I find dreams to be so very interesting and I am fascinated how much they can control us even when we are awake and know the difference between dream and reality.
I find it easier if I talk about it and sort of keep reminding my brain that it wasn't real.
I always have very vivid dreams but luckily most of them are just weird and/or funny.
Lets hope tonight will be an especially lovely one.
Oh, and sweet, joyful dreams to all of you!
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