Well hello again!
I am free from the horrid cold and am now "only" battling the pollen invasion. It's apparently the worst pollen season in Gothenburg in 39 years which felt nice to hear because that confirms my belief that I've never ever had it this bad before. And I think pollen was one of the reasons David and I were so extremely tired and puffy eyed during our Copenhagen weekend.
Today I will show you how our sunday went. It was very windy but that didn't stop us, so let's take a peek.
We started off the day with another fleamarket. On this one I found a really nice black top for very little money. Good start of the day!
Then we went to the book café Paludan. I had read a lot about it on different blogs and was excited to see that it was just as lovely as it was described.
Books everywhere! They had a beautiful staircase up to the second floor but that photo didn't do it justice at all, so you'll just have to take my word when I say it was wonderful in a way only magical book stores can be.
Coffee and chocolate muffin!
Tired ol' me!
After this we were just too tired for words so we went back to the hotel and slept for a couple of hours. I told you; it's the theme of this trip. Extreme amounts of tiredness piled upon a huge mountain of sleepiness, dusted with pollen for a dramatic effect. Yeah.
In the late afternoon we had booked a table at a place on the other side of the tracks. The sky was quite dramatic and the wind could no longer be called a nice breeze. We walked faster, partly because we were hungry.
We found our way to the Tivoli Hotel (not at all close to the themepark Tivoli, by the way) where they had a funky elevator. Check out David's smokin' hot eyebrows!
We rode the elevator to the top floor...
... and stepped out to this spectacular view!
And this was our goal for the evening: The restaurant Sticks'n'sushi.
*happy sigh*
*loud rumbling in stomach*

It was so tasty and I could have stayed there for hours just eating but we were, surprise surprise, so extremely tired so we longed for the hotel again.
So after some coffe we walked our way back, fell asleep and slept like logs for ten hours or something.
And then, in the morning it was time to leave Denmark. But we didn't want to go back to Gothenburg just yet... so we went to Österlen for a couple of days instead! I'll tell you all about that next time.

Have a lovely weekend, my dear friends and readers.

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