This is Lotta talking. I’m an actor, film maker, analog film photographer, hula hooper and vintage clothes wearing Swede that now lives in Los Angeles.


Me and my husband David F Sandberg (I just call him David) have a production company together called Mångata where we produce and direct movies.
Mångata is a Swedish word that refers to the effect that happens when the moon touches a large body of water and creates a glittering street of light leading straight to the moon.

Lotta portraits


I come from stage theater in Sweden and in many ways that is where my heart still lies when it comes to acting. The way you get to live the lives of the characters in one unbroken timeline is just amazing and so rewarding to me.
Acting in movies came into my life later, through making short films together with David (F. Sandberg- remember?) and to me it’s a completely different sport than theater. It is a more drawn out, intensely heightened, delayed gratification thing and I love it a whole lot but also think it’s slightly terrifying? All great things are though, and I hope to do lots of it throughout my life.


If I were to boil it down into a sentence, my sweet spot for characters are: People who are seemingly strong on the outside but hurting on the inside, and that hurt is about to come bubbling through.


I guess that’s all for right now.
Talk more soon.


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