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So we made a new horror short!
This makes the third in our Apartment Trilogy that started off with Cam Closer, continued with Lights Out and now wraps up neatly with this one called Pictured.
As usual David and I made this movie in our apartment late at night.
To add to the heat from the strong lights we used, Sweden has been experiencing a heat wave like no other. Our apartment was scary hot! Matte powder and many breaks of just screaming "IT'S SO BLOODY HOT!! I'M MELTING AWAY" made the evening more or less sufferable.

Oh! And the girl in the photo is played by (the usually very lovely) Hanna Johansson.
The film is only 3 minutes long so you should watch it now! I hope you like it.
Now I'm off to stuff myself with frozen youghurt.

Until next time:

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