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Have you seen our latest horror short Attic Panic yet? If not- DO THAT RIGHT AWAY!
Now, when you've seen it let's take a peek behind the scenes.
We filmed in our attic, and as always it was just David and me. That calls for some clever movie making. David is a master at that and with my help we could use what we have around the house to make this horror short happen.

Check out the behind the scenes video that David put together for a glimpse of the work put into making Attic Panic.
Includes: a lot of interesting information, blood, kissing and a dusty ass.
-Everything you need!
Oh, and here's a couple of photos of David in action.
And that was that little peek behind the scenes of Attic Panic. Did you find it interesting?

Talk to you soon!

It's Friday the 13th!
What better day to release a new horror short?!

This one is called Attic Panic and takes place in our attic.
I hope you like it (and that it scares you)!

Soon we've used all the available places in our apartment building. Only the stairs and the garbage room left now, haha!
Oh- and the elevator.

Hej! Happy Halloween!

So, last week we got this tweet from Raindance Film Festival asking us to be a part of their 14 second horror film competition.
Earlier people had sent links to us about a 6 seconds horror film competition but we thought that was just way too short to build up some tension. But 14 seconds, hey, that's more than double the time and maybe it would be cool to make something super quick and fun.
So we did!
Such a sad story! The tears are actually real tears of sadness, and the onion I had thought of using to get the tears flowing lay untouched in the kitchen. The rest of the evening I felt all drained. Like I had been crying for real reasons.
David has been on a roll lately creating awesome behind the scenes videos and he even did one for this super short film. You can see it here.
Earlier in the week David made a video about how he creates the sounds for our films, and I think it is so fun and interesting!
One thing we realised when talking about the sounds he has recorded was that I have taken photos of him on many, many of those occasions. You can see a bunch of them in the video. After it was uploaded I even found a few more. Like this one:
My favourite photos of David recording sounds are the one with the sheep in the video thumbnail and the one where he chases a hen with the microphone. It's just so funny! Sadly I couldn't find the photo where he's interviewing some cows in a meadow so you'll just have to imagine that for yourself.
And a couple of days ago I decided to make a little video on how to pronounce my name (and how NOT to) since that has turned out to be a real struggle for people outside of Scandinavia.
It is quite hard to blend it into english, so I definitely understand. It just doesn't sound the way it does when speaking in Swedish. David is getting real good at it in his Behind the scenes videos though so I'm thinking it's all about practice.
So let's start practicing, okay! :-)

Oh! And today we found out that Lights Out won the Audience Award in the RoughCuts short film event. Yay!
That's a good way to start the weekend.

Hope you are having a great Halloween! I am spending the entire weekend with Teater Esther since it's only one week left until opening night! So exciting!
If you're in the Gothenburg area and plan to come see Perfect Life AB it is high time to get your tickets. Opening night is almost sold out!
Read more about the shows on the facebook event.

Talk to you soon!


In time for Halloween David and I thought it'd be appropriate for a new scary short!
This one centers around the coffer that I got from the parents of my dear friend Lisa. They were going to throw it out. They had no space for it, they said.
Now I wonder...
And here it is! We hope you like it!
And to all of you wondering why I still live in this haunted place I will say this: No ghost is gonna control my life! I'm not the one who should move - they are!

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