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OMG! I'm the worst blogger ever right now!
It's like time is just running through my fingers and all of a sudden three weeks have gone by.
Sorry for that! But like I told you in my last post I can't talk a lot about what happens on set and since that is about all that is going on in my head right now it's very hard to find things to blog about. Or even get the thought "I need to blog now".
But I realised today I actually DO have things I want to show you about what's going on in my life. So let's do that!
We spent the weekend before shooting started at the production office. We haven't been there since, and I had a feeling it would be long until next time, so I went bananas with the self timer up on the roof. I really like those moments alone exploring, jumping around and running back and forth to set the timer/look at the photo I just took to see if it turned out any good.
David on the first day of filming! Look how cute!
I have been at the set every other day. I come and go as I want to and it feels good to have a couple of days for myself every now and then. When I'm not at the filmset I'm walking around in Burbank where we live and sit at cafés writing. Here's a pine tree lined street close to us that is mysterious and dark usually, but when someone has watered the street at the same time as their gardens, it turns into an even more beautiful scene.
I would get super bored if I would only do one or the other (alone days or hanging out at the set) but now as I can choose to mix it up I really enjoy the days I have on my own.
The movieset is super exciting with lots of people running around doing their thing and I find it so amazing to see David working so surely with experienced actors and film crew. It's such a huge leap to go from making movies just two people in an apartment to making a studiofilm in Hollywood. I'm beyond impressed with how awesome David is in this situation.
A couple of hands I found on a wall that are both cute and extremely spooky at the same time. Baby ghost hands!
When we had only been in LA for a couple of weeks our wonderful neighbours knocked on our door and gave me this shirt. They had found it in a store and had to buy it for me because it happened to have Lights Out written on it.
It has nothing to do with our film but I obviously feel like it's meant to be so I wore it on set and felt like a fangirl all day.
On the first weekend after filming started we switched the production office for the filmset. I found spooky places in the large building and obviously got good use of my gorillapod and self timer. I'm really fond of the light and shadows in this photo. I love using what is around me and this is a perfect example of how to get the surroundings to work in your favour.
And I definitely can't resist a good hallway.
On the last day at the first filming location they filmed some outdoor scenes and it was a lot of work before they could take a break for food. Since I do what I feel like when I'm there I fetched a cup of coffee and went up on the roof for some alone time. It was during golden hour so the light was just beautiful. I took some photos and then I realised I could see what the film crew was up to from my spot above.
Looking down at people who don't know they are being watched...
Then David walked past and I sent him a text that he should look up. When he saw me he came up on the roof too. He had a few minutes to breath (and make out) away from the hustle and bustle of the movieset. It was a perfect moment. One of those you'll remember forever.
The view was kinda amazing.
I have been taking a bunch of outfit photos as well. This one was to show off my new second hand blouse that stops at the waist, covers my shoulders and is made in a cool and breezy fabric.
Talking about clothes, I had my costume fitting for Lights Out last week. Such a cool feeling! And it made everything feel a little bit more real too. I got my visa so that I can work in the film and I have a part and it's just so amazing everything!
I can't wait until it's my turn to get infront of the camera. And I am actually the only one in this production that have been directed by David before this! HA! And I'm not intimidated by Mr Hollywood Director so I'm going to pretend it's just like when we make our horror shorts at home. Nothing more, nothing less (Let's see how that goes).
a self portrait on one of my walks to the closest Starbucks for some coffee and writing.
Last friday at the new filming location. I took a coffee break under some trees in the beautiful garden.
This monday, out walking, finding surroundings that match my outfit.
And yesterday at the filmset. They were shooting one of the most difficult scenes in the movie light wise. There was so much people running around and there was a lot of last minute details that had to be decided.
I love this photo of David all lit up when he's thinking real hard on how to solve a problem, and all those people around him, in the dark.
David (second to the left) and the producers talk through a difficult scene in the dramatic smokey film light.
Just a prop master with a plastic man over his shoulder.

So I hope you liked to see and read a little about what's been going on these past three weeks. My plan is that you won't have to wait as long until my next blog post, but who knows really!
It's probably the strangest time in my life right now and I have sort of decided to not force anything. This entire experience is so far from every day life that we just have to take every day as it comes. It's both scary and exciting, obviously. But I feel strangely calm about everything. But that's the true nature of an adventure, isn't it?
Talk to you soon, okay?!

FINALLY it's out! Even though the story got leaked a little bit too early before the press release was ready it feels great to be able to tell you all: Lights Out is about to become a feature film!
David is directing the movie here in LA for New Line Cinema/Warner bros James Wan is producing, Eric Heisserer is writing the script and it's all very crazy bananas indeed!
I will be in the movie too, in the very beginning, so YAY! Hollywood debut!

Lights Out in theatres 2016, everybody!
And for you who still hasn't seen our short that has made all of this happen (where the hell have you been hiding all this time?) you can watch Lights Out here !

It really is wonderful and surreal to think how a 2.5 minute short that David and I made in our aparment one evening has turned into all of this.
It's bonkers. In the best kind of way.

Oh, so now you know why we're in LA, haha!


Have you seen our latest horror short Attic Panic yet? If not- DO THAT RIGHT AWAY!
Now, when you've seen it let's take a peek behind the scenes.
We filmed in our attic, and as always it was just David and me. That calls for some clever movie making. David is a master at that and with my help we could use what we have around the house to make this horror short happen.

Check out the behind the scenes video that David put together for a glimpse of the work put into making Attic Panic.
Includes: a lot of interesting information, blood, kissing and a dusty ass.
-Everything you need!
Oh, and here's a couple of photos of David in action.
And that was that little peek behind the scenes of Attic Panic. Did you find it interesting?

Talk to you soon!

It's Friday the 13th!
What better day to release a new horror short?!

This one is called Attic Panic and takes place in our attic.
I hope you like it (and that it scares you)!

Soon we've used all the available places in our apartment building. Only the stairs and the garbage room left now, haha!
Oh- and the elevator.

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