Today I had the amazing opportunity to roam around all by myself in an abandoned hospital. For two hours I wandered the hallways searching for good photo spots.
It was the BEST!
Wanna see?
In the hospital chapel the light was just wonderful.
The floor was not very clean though, but who cares!? Not me!
This photo turned out so much greater than I thought it would. I had so much trouble securing the gorilla pod and the phone slipped sideways all the time. I decided to take a photo anyway and hope for the best. I'm so glad I did because this might be one of my favorites from today. It gets my imagination going.
Science Fiction Lotta!
When I found this room it felt like I had struck Self Portrait Environment Gold. It made me all giggly and I might have done a victory gesture all by myself.
Okay. I'll stop.
Hello hello.
Hmmmm, let's see what we have here...
And let's end this with a photo that shows my emotions for this place more accurately. YIPPEEE!

It was one of those adventures I think I'll remember for a long time. And I'm going back again tomorrow!

Hope you liked this spooky hospital tour, and talk to you soon! '

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