This has been one exciting weekend!
On friday evening David noticed that our short film "Lights out" had been shared on Reddit and that the film had over 17 000 views on vimeo where earlier that day we had 1000. During the evening the number of views climbed quickly and when we woke up on saturday it had reached 70 000 and now, at this exact moment, it's been viewed more than 269 000 views in only two days.
We've seen the link all over the internet and it's been so exciting to try to see where everybody came from.
On twitter Derren Brown retweeted the link to all his followers and that made a huge difference. When Sourcefed shared it the views skyrocketed.
We've been reading all the comments and sharing the good and the bad ones with eachother.
Lots of people love it, some not so much.
I like how a guy in the comment section on Sourcefed felt the need to write "That lady is uglier than the monster" as if that was the only thing he took with him from seeing the film. Thank you, now I know what look to go for in the future.

One person wrote that it was a lot of focus on bare legs and "why doesnt she wear pajama pants" and I actually have a really good explanation for that one! That is a night gown and there are not supposed to be any pants to go with the top. And I chose that particular one because I didn't want to wear a nightgown with too much cleavage exposion going on. That is the most prudish nightwear I own! I love how people thought we chose that particular garment to show off my legs in a sexy way when it was sort of the opposite. Well, it must mean I've got nice legs, right?

A lot of people seem to dislike the ending and we definitely don't have any trouble with people who think that. I for one really love the playfulness in the face of the monster and the fact that it actually is me in both roles can be interpreted that the thing we fear the most is ourselves.

The number of views on youtube has climbed a lot during these past two days too and has now passed 20 000 views.
I can honestly say it's been incredibly exciting and I can't wait to see how all of this unravels!
As David said in a tweet, if it continues in this speed every person on the planet will have seen the film in about 16 days. Let's make that happen!

Oh, and if you are one of the people coming here after seeing Lights out: Hello! Welcome! Thanks for seeing the film! Yaay!

David made the film as a submission for the Bloody Cuts Who's there Film Challenge. A couple of weeks ago we found out that David won Best Director and earlier this week the judges at Bloody Cuts blogged about the reasons why David won. That alone was so great, and now all this as well!
It's been a good week for Lights out; David and me.
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