I have been very absent lately and I thought I'd show you some of all the things going on in my life through my iPhone.
I had 8 days off work and David and I had lots of plans for that week. First up was a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.
We had these two happy people tagging along in our car and dropped them off in Malmö. Ida and Christian made the car ride such a joy and had even made sandwiches and home made elderberry lemonade for a short stop during the trip.
In Copenhagen! We ate a lot of nice food during our weekend. David had a pizza with potatoes on it and it was a hit!
I had this. Very very tasty.
And the day after we shared this.
Iced coffee break resting our feet.
We went to lots of fleamarkets and I took many photos with my camera so I'll be back to show you more some other day.
Breakfast sunday morning. We had plans for the day and David was eager to get going. I had to drink fast. Hurry hurry!
This is a rare sighting. David among alcohol.
We were stocking up on drinks for the wedding and since David doesn't drink any alcohol it was up to me to choose. So if we bought disgusting wine it's all on me..
Then we made our way back over the bridge to Sweden and came to my family's house in Rörum! My sister was there with my niece and brand new little nephew.
Alfred seems to be a bit confused by all the attention.
Hilda is a wild one.
Astor the cat was enjoying the calm outdoors. Poor Astor, the house was not a safe zone for him. He seemed to take it all in stride, though.
My sister and Hilda took their job as Fly Hunters very seriously. I love how Hilda is trying to make the same crazy face as her mother.
One day David and I was in Simrishamn to eat lunch at the beautiful garden café Apotekarns. This was the view from our table.
I was happy in my "Naughty farmer's daughter dress" and new sunglasses from The Shade Company (and pepper between my teeth...shhhhh).
We took evening walks among the hills and looked at "our" tree in the distance.
And we climbed the hill to see it up close too. This is where we're getting married on august 24.
And this is the feeling I get every time I'm there. It just blows my mind and makes me want to dance!
Running down that hill in a Kate Bush sort of moment.
Feeling the love strongly.
This is forever going to be a place that makes my heart squeeze. It has been special since I first saw it three years ago but now it will be associated with us too. You and me, David.
Contemplating, watching the sun set, looking at sheep.
One day we found a kitten.
I wanted to keep it.
As every cat I see.
Sadly it was not mine to keep.
And I'm a bit allergic.
Another evening stroll. This time under the full moon.
The last rays of sunshine brightened the straws of grass along the road.
Telling secrets to my nephew. He's not all impressed...
But here he's listening intently. Learning a lot from auntie Lotta. Who's the best auntie?
And then it was time to leave. The entire family waved us off and we went home to our quiet apartment.

This week has been all about work and preparations. I have lots of photos to show you. Part 2 from my Papyrus photoshoot with Hanna but also a post from one evening last week when we found half a bridge in the middle of nowhere.
That is going to be a great post, I know it!

See you soon!
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