Trying to capture the real and stripped emotions both on stage and in movies.

With experince in comedy as well as drama and not afraid to mix the two for a beautiful combination true to life.

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Not So Fast
Not So Fast

Script writer together with David F. Sandberg. Both short film and feature film. Both horror and comedy.
Lover of complex characters and good dialogue.


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One of a kind jewelry made with a single copper wire for strength, stability and- I admit- for showing off. Every single piece of jewelry is unique and made by me with no other tools than my hands. Inspired by the irregular, the wild and the uncontrolled within each shape.

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Not So Fast
Not So Fast

Product photography, editorial, self portraits, everyday documentary photos and all things covered in scrathes and/or rust. My photography is honest, direct and strives to be free from gender stereotypes, false clichés and ideals but often include imagination and glimpses of something magical .

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Singer in and out of the shower.
Designer of the logo for Teater Esther
Designer and maker of the frame for this page.
Dancer for the joy of it (but I have years of dance courses behind me so I know what I'm doing, I'm not just shaking my limbs wildly. Not all the time.)

Not So Fast
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