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Time for a new Postcard of the Week (that isn't really weekly but whatevs)!
This one is in honor of Halloween and super spooky.
I found it in a little antique shop in the beach town Capitola in California and on the back it says the creepy cabins are old resort buildings in Big Trees Park in Santa Cruz County.
It also says "With the completion of the narrow gauge railway from San Jose to Santa Cruz in 1880, these buildings were erected to serve the many visitors who found the grove a pleasant vacation place."
Yeah, right.
I wonder if they're still standing. It would be amazing to go there and have a look around. Prefarably during daytime. With a car close by. And good cell phone reception. And a fully charged phone. And someone to hold hands with for extra safety.

Until next time:

It's the season when my wardrobe is in sync with the weather! Finally!
It only happens a few months a year so it's definitely celebration worthy, in my opinion.
Since I am a lover of hats and vintage outerwear I just can't seem to stop buying those things on my fleamarket adventures. To me it's like finding a treasure when my eyes land on that amazing coat, and if it fits me it would be a terrible crime to just leave it there, wouldn't it?!

Every year when summer starts to make its transition into fall I always feel so energized and inspired. I really, really love clothes and the creativity needed to pull together an outfit for every day.
Think about it, every day when you wake up you make a choice of what to wear and how you present yourself for the world, however small or big it is for you that exact day.
Is it a business meeting Monday? Is it a stay inside in your pajamas Tuesday? A Wednesday filled with errands? A Thursday with lots of paper work, a dreadfully scary Friday or is it maybe a stroll through the city with a cup of coffee in you hand Saturday? And then end the week with a Sunday when anything can happen.
I treat every day like a costume party, sort of (with the exception for the stay in my PJs kind of days) and the days when I feel the greatest is the ones when I want to be creative with what I wear. It boosts me so much to start off a tired and gloomy morning by thinking of colours, shapes and clothing combinations.
It might seem pointless to some people but a day when my clothes feel all wrong is not a good day.

Now my favourite season is here again! I was looking back at what I've been wearing earlier years, just to see if I had changed my style since then, and I thought we could take a peek at some really good days, clothes wise. Okay?
The. Best. Hat.
I remember the day when I first thought of wearing that yellow scarf with the wine red velvet jacket. It's such a wonderful combination of colours and I could stare at it forever. It is both soft and intriguing if you get what I mean. It's like music for my eyes.
My mother's beautiful schoolbag from the 50's is one of my most treasured things in my wardrobe. It's just so lovely!
Aaah, my wonderful wonderful vintage nurse cape! Soon it will be perfect weather for you!
I love this coat that I found in a vintage shop in Los Angeles of all places. I guess it wasn't needed by anyone there so I took it back to cold and wintery Sweden instead (I really don't appreciate winter though).
My grandmother's old suede coat with three quarter, trumpet, sleaves.
This raspberry dream and the striped coat in the photo beneath this is at the tailors right now for some tiny alterations.
I hope they will get to see a lot of beautiful autumn days this year!
(And look at that fantastic little raspberry hat/beret/thingy!)
Best shoes I've ever owned. Will cry when they are beyond rescue.
I got this duffel coat from a dear friend of my family when I was in my late teens. It was hers from when she was younger but she thought I would like to have it instead. Of course I did!
Today so far has been a pajamas all day kind of sunday, but I plan on changing that real soon. David and I are going out for indian food and a walk in the grey and calm Gothenburg weather. It's definitely time for the green hat.
I'm sorry for not having updated the blog very often. I have been in a non creative mood lately, but yesterday I felt how the need for creative work started to flow through me. I couldn't figure out what it was I wanted to do though, I just had the urge to make something. I made a pot of tea and a bowl of popcorn, but nothing that could stifle the creative need in me.
When I went to bed I felt sort of angry with excess restlessness, like my brain was mad at me for not realising what it is I should do.
I'm hoping this is a sign of a big creative explosion coming.

Until next time:

Well hello hello hello! Look what's back on!
My good old blog series Postcard of the Week has been sorely missed by myself and I have no real reason for it totally disappearing for such a long time. It just happened.
But now it's back!
It's not like I stopped collecting weird/funny/beautiful vintage postcards since the last time so I have A LOT to show you.

This is one of the beautiful and weird ones, for sure.
I found this in a strange shop in Los Angeles when we were there a year and a half ago.

I find it so intriguing. Everything is so perfect. The house is SO exact. So strict. Nothing smooth about it. And the little family infront of it. The woman in black, the mother if I should guess, is she a widow? Dressed in black after her evil husband died and left behind enough money for her to buy this hideous house. Or was this her prison and now, when her husband is gone she can finally take her child and dog and get the hell out of there. "But wait! Just one last photo for remembering that the bad things are behind us now."
Now let's tear the place down!

What do you think? What's the story behind this spooky old photo?

It feels so good to be back with Postcard of the Week again. I hope you too like seeing the return of one of my absolute longest running blog series.

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Time for a Two Two Two again and this time with no less than 5 bonus Two's! WOW!

Two breaks during our road trip:
One of David licking my ear in the paper towel aisle in a grocery store in Karlstad, and one of me dancing on a rainy rest stop outside of Karlskoga.
Two self timer photos from the Greek temple in Söderfors:
One of me catching some sun between the pillars, and one of me sneaking up on a very oblivious David.
Two plants that I've grown myself:
One of my mango tree that keeps growing with incredible speed, and one of my unknown South African tree.
(I thought it might be an Acacia, but now I'm not so sure anymore. This little tree comes from a seed pod I found in South Africa two years ago and planted this spring. Anyone who has any guesses of what kind of tree it could be? It has thorns and the leaves pairs up and closes together in the evenings.)
Two of me in vintage clothes:
One from the day we went on our road trip wearing my wonderful sailor Busnel cardigan, and one in a beautiful new to me 60's dress found on a neighbourhood fleamarket last saturday.
Two from the national park of Tiveden:
One of David when he took photos of me standing on a rock that ripped my pants and cut my leg, and one of me looking tiny in the wonderful John Bauer-esque forest.
Two self portraits taken with the TimerCam app:
One when I was bored during my vacation (something that shouldn't even be legal!) and one Triple Selfie (yes, I definitely should be trademarking this). I'm beyond amazed by how the light and the dusty window and ledges cooperates with the iPhone camera so perfectly sometimes!
Two of a very dramatic sky on the evening we returned to Gothenburg after the road trip:
One that I took after David had to stop the car so that I could run out and snap this, and one that David took of me taking the first photo (I love how dramatic David's photo is!).
Two abandoned houses we spotted from the car:
One that we didn't stop for, and one that we got out of the car to look closer at.

And the last photo is also a teaser of what's to come in my third Road Trip post. I can't wait to show you!

Until then:

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