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I didn't forget!
This months Screensaver Still Life comes in the nick of time because I've been recovering from a horrible cold that after more than a week still has me tired and a bit wobbly. Today is the first day in a week that I'm wearing real clothes and even have put on some makeup to force myself into feeling everything is absolutely great and I'm so fresh and healthy. Yep!
This month I wanted my Screensaver Still Life to have a clever edge and I really like what I came up with.
My ambition for this photo is to give a sense of both future and past. A little time twister, so to speak.
And in more exciting news! Have you sen how pretty this site looks now?! (If you see no difference from before press ctrl F5 to refresh.)
New tabs with new info and a whole lot more up to speed than it was before. It was very much overdue and since I love this place to bits, and spend a lot of time and work here, I really want it to mirror me perfectly.
Have a look under the tabs My Work, Lotta and Contact for all the new info.

I'm still not completely finished and will be doing a lot of work on my photo albums next, but I'll show you all of that in due time.

What ya sayin'?
(Uh, I so can't get away with writing like that. It sounded cool in my head but I'm so not cool enough to shorten words like that. What I meant to say is: Do you like it here now when it's all spring cleaned?)

Hope you have a great week! I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done and really just bask in this glorious feeling of being back to health.

Until next time:
Inspirational wire thing made by me, photo of David's hand during a light test taken by me, seed pods and stones I've found on the ground on various places in the world.
I was taking photos of new jewelry pieces to fill my shop with when I saw the things lying around me where I stood.
So I had to arrange a little still life with my phone's screensaver in the focus.
And then I got an idea.
What if I change the screensaver image on my phone every month and incorporate it into a still life photo?! YES!

Let's not hope too much, though. I might forget, I might get bored. Those are things that happen to me a lot.
But let's hope a little. A little hope is more than okay.

Two displays of pretty knickknacks all dusted and reorganized.
One of treasures from South Africa; seed pods, porcupine hair and spikes from a bush, and also a dried lemon that I got from my grandfather when I was kid. I had so much trouble understanding how that hard, dried up thing could ever have been a lemon. The seeds inside rattle like a maracas.
And one of the old ashtray with the naked mermaid in the middle surrounded by all my favourite little odd trinkets, brooches and whatnot.
Two of my work spaces at home.
One showing my desk, where I'm sitting right this moment, with my new beautiful chalkboard wall decal bought from the etsy shop Brown Shades. I'm a little bit confused with the whole Sunday to Saturday week design and really didn't know that this was a thing before a year ago maybe. Why on EARTH would you want your week to start on a sunday? It just feels so WRONG. Even though I'm working weekends and week nights and usually have no idea whatsoever what day of the week it is this still makes me all mad. Knowing what day of the week it is was the whole plan with buying one of these things in the first place! I hope I get used to it, because I really love it otherwise. Click for better photo of the decal.
And one photo of my other, more relaxed work space: the sofa! Where I sat the other day working on a huge Tangled Triangle necklace while drinking tea and eating fruit salad.
Two of me photographed by David.
One from our day at Antikhallarna.
and one from yesterday when the sun was shining all over the place and I decided it was spring (at least for the day) so I ignored the strong winds and dressed in my vintage velvet jacket for the first time this year. Today it's back to the gloomy miserable raining again though.
Well, that was all from me today. I have plans of tea, sofa and jewelry making the rest of this evening.
Hope your week started in the best way (if you count your week starting on Monday because if you're one of those weird ass people counting it from Sunday I really don't understand you).
Two colourful things ending up in my stomach.
Water with fresh mint and sweet lemons (such a weird and lovely lemon!) and a plate of tasty things like fruit, vegetables and italian salami.
Two pictures of my jewelry work.
One of beautiful vintage marbles soon to end up in necklace pendants, and one of a Cage pendant in the making.
Two of me.
One with somber hues and a goofy face, and one with bright colours and a calm face.
It's all about contrasts, you know.
I had a lovely lovely weekend and now I'm looking forward to a great week with one of my oldest and bestest friends in the entire world. Tomorrow! Can't wait!!
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