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I am so excited! I have been dying to show you these pictures and it's only been two days since I took them.
My friend Ruby came over on monday to model some of my large necklaces. I've been thinking for quite some time that my necklaces from the Tangled Triangle- and Irregular Pieces series would look so great in a rougher and edgier styling and since I love to use my friends as models I started to think who would fit the profile. Ruby, of course!
She lives, and studies, in Uppsala, a town quite far from Gothenburg, so I had to wait for Ruby to come here. And finally it happened!
And Oboy, this was a match made in heaven!
My necklaces looked so good on Ruby and she managed to get my idea perfectly and - I mean just look at her!

Most of these necklaces you'll find in the
necklace section of my etsy shop and the ones that aren't there yet will pop up there soon, I promise.

I am so happy with these photos, and I hope you like them too! Doesn't she look awesome?!

I have been keeping myself busy this week even though my cold has kicked in for a second round (Oh yay!). Yesterday I had a completely different, but equally great, photoshoot with my friend Ida and I hope to be ready to show you those photos soon too.
They will be a part of the release of my new collection so I'm really excited to show you all!

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