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I've already showed you the mini horror film that David made a little while ago with me and my friend Lovisa in it, but I thought we could take a peak at some behind the scenes photos from that evening. All are taken and edited with the same iPhone that has a big role in the film.
David is testing the light before it's time to start filming.
Lovisa (wearing my nightgown, by the way) waiting for everything to begin.
Here lies I. Soon Lovisa will pull me away by my feet. Swish!
Lovisa gets ready to be scary.
Feisty girl, that one.
If you've watched the film (if not: DO IT NOW!!) you know this is not entirely how the end result looked like. There was some photoshopping involved...
And the filmer himself.

We have more short films planned in the future. Some of them will take some time to make, unlike this one that was filmed one evening and edited the day after.
It's so great to live with a creative man like David, his ideas never seems to stop coming. I love that I get to be a part of all.
Hello hello!
I've been away filming for a week.
The whole little film crew went to my family's summer house at Österlen to film our movie Allmänt Jävla Bäng. It was such an amazing experience.
Sometimes the weather was bad and we had to sit inside and wait for it to get better but for the most part everything went really well.
We worked very hard the entire week and I couldn't bring my real camera around because I was acting most of the time so here are some iPhone photos from behind the scenes.
Can't wait to see the result of all this filming!
Almost a Sound of music moment.
Say hello to the Hay Master.
Very large pig.
Very large pig in a bucket.
David found a friend.
Just your average Hanging upside down from the bed and laughing hysterically for half an hour scene.
Giggling director.
At the cliffs of Vik.
Hanna and Lovisa.
Our tech guy Joel.
Hello Mr Director!
Setting the scene. David and our producer Claes.
Filming one of the key scenes at the cemetery in Simrishamn.
Running over the hills in only night wear and coats.
Checking the result after driving around the town with the camera on the hood of the car.
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So, the weekend was a total success! Our play went really well and everybody seemed to love it. Such an amazing feeling to know that we made this entire thing all by ourselves.
Feels sad that it's already over but this was just the beginning for Teater Esther. We will definitely be back!

Now starts a completely different project for me.
David and I have been writing on a screenplay for a drama comedy about three girls with different kinds of diagnoses who go on a road trip and get to know eachother better than they probably would like to.

We will be filming at the end of this month so it really is lots to do now. So exciting!

You can like our page on facebook if you want to. It is in swedish but we would love to feel your support wherever you are from! And we will post lots of photos of the progress.

The leading roles of the movie are going to be played by Hanna Johansson, Lovisa Perman and me.
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En del av er har kanske redan märkt att albumen med bilderna från min photoshoot med Lovisa finns upplagda sedan nypremiären igår. Jag beslutade mig för att dela upp dem i två album för vissa foton har ju inte så mycket med smyckena att göra utan hör mer hemma under min fotoflik. Så så blev det.
Här kan ni se smyckesbilderna och här hittar ni de mer konstnärliga fotona.
Kika igenom bilderna om ni vill och berätta gärna vad ni tycker. Jag är själv väldigt förtjust i resultatet och så himla glad att jag lärt känna Lovisa som både är förträfflig som vän och som modell.
The photos I took of my friend Lovisa wearing my jewelry a couple of weeks ago are now sorted through and put in two different albums. There's a jewelry lookbook and then it's an album for the articstic photos that doesn't focus on the jewelry.
Have a look through them if you want to and let me know what you think.
I'm very happy with the result and so glad to have met Lovisa who is a fairly new friend of mine and a first time model for me. Isn't she lovely!
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