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I've already showed you the mini horror film that David made a little while ago with me and my friend Lovisa in it, but I thought we could take a peak at some behind the scenes photos from that evening. All are taken and edited with the same iPhone that has a big role in the film.
David is testing the light before it's time to start filming.
Lovisa (wearing my nightgown, by the way) waiting for everything to begin.
Here lies I. Soon Lovisa will pull me away by my feet. Swish!
Lovisa gets ready to be scary.
Feisty girl, that one.
If you've watched the film (if not: DO IT NOW!!) you know this is not entirely how the end result looked like. There was some photoshopping involved...
And the filmer himself.

We have more short films planned in the future. Some of them will take some time to make, unlike this one that was filmed one evening and edited the day after.
It's so great to live with a creative man like David, his ideas never seems to stop coming. I love that I get to be a part of all.
David made a mini horror movie wih me and Lovisa the other day. It's only 2.22 minutes long so you can watch it over and over again. I hope you like it!

In other news. I'm supposed to meet my old highschool friends this weekend but I'm sick. Feels like flu. I hope it's only something mild though. Like a pollen explosion.
Is it possible to get fever and ache in your entire body from pollen? I usually only get stingy, weepy eyes and itchy throat.
Yeah, yeah. Stupid body either way.

Are you scared now?
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