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A headshot:
I realized I needed a real headshot (Not just selfies and outfit photos, hehe). At first I had planned to take it myself but since I took Davids headshot I thought it would be fun if he took mine. I like it very much.
I also like this one with my Peekaboo Tooth:
There was A LOT of photos that featured Peekaboo Tooth- making the prettiest photo look super silly.
One of the reasons for the headshot was that I wanted a photo on my imdb page! And here it is!

A dinner:
Since we have a full kitchen now it’s so fun to cook again! I’m not very fond of the gas oven though. Yesterday we got an oven thermometer and found out that when the oven should be 350 f it was really only 275 f. So now I know why everything I’ve made this far has been undercooked. Anyways, we celebrated by cooking this lovely dinner.
Pan fried sun chokes in sage butter and Baked Parmesan Cod. Very very tasty! And super fancy on a monday. I made a cold sauce to go with it all, with sourcream, garlic, parmesan, salt and pepper. By the way: Sun chokes!!! OMG! SO tasty! We had fried sun chokes (omg omg omg!) at a restaurant a few days ago and now I’m HOOKED!
An apartment update:
We have a table and chairs now. Our place feel like home.
A hint of what’s coming:
My book. Looking pretty as all hell. I’m working on the shop details, so stay tuned.
A Hollywood update:
I realized I hadn't showed you this yet! David made a little video about Lights Out and what’s been going on. He’s planning on doing a series of behind the scenes videos showing you the work that went into turning Lights Out into a feature film. It feels so good to finally be able to talk about this. Hopefully we’ll have a trailer to show you soon too.
Other than that:
I have been fighting my chronic urticaria lately. Something I’m not going to show a picture of, because YUCK. Think boiling lizard skin and you’re close. We’ve been talking about how to use it in one of our horror shorts but we haven't figured out how to solve the problem with me mostly crying from itchiness. So here's a selfie from when I was bored from itching all day, and I put on a velvet cape and a leaf hat just to have something to do.
Oh, and here's me and a cactus.
Yesterday was COLD. And windy.
Well, that was all for now.
Talk to you again soon!

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Soooo, I went back into the abandoned hospital today.
The reason why I've had the opportunity to visit this place is because we filmed some scenes for the Lights Out movie there these past two days. While the film team was in another building I could lurk around however much I wanted.
So after my scenes were done and I could get back into my normal clothes I sneaked away for an hour or so again. This time to the basement, the kitchen and... the morgue... (more on that soon).
When you find a room with a locker that spells Disaster wrong, all you can do is scream.
"They did WHAT here?"
What is this shiny thing? And who is that person?
"I think you're right Marge, this cafeteria seems to be closed today."
Then I found the kitchen. What's cooking in that big ol' cauldron to the right?
Who is making noise?! Stop it immediately!
And then, it took a turn for the weird(er)...
I found the morgue.
And thought to myself: I wonder what is inside those metal cabinets in the walls. Imagine if it was a dead person.
I opened one of them...
(It's a doll. Yes. I'm sure. There's yellow foam where his ribs should be. And that nose is just a little bit too perfect. Plus, I looked -very- closely)
The weird thing is that I kind of expected it to be there. I had already told my scared brain that there might be a dead person in there so when I first saw the scalp I was like "Oh, yep, there's the dead guy."
What mean person decided to leave that there after filming?!?!
Apparently CSI have been shooting here. So maybe they are responsible for scaring the crap out of me.

But it was quite awesome to go back to set and show my "find" to everybody in the crew...
After seeing the "dead guy" I was actually a bit shaken and all the dark rooms looked super scary instead of exciting so that was the end of today's self portrait bonanza. But what a great ending, ey?
And here's a photo in which you can see me three times. One of me is in the back, acting away. The other two on the screens.
It felt great to be filming again. I really love it, and hope I get to do it more and more in the future!

But look at this cool GIF I made!

Talk to you soon!
OMG! I'm the worst blogger ever right now!
It's like time is just running through my fingers and all of a sudden three weeks have gone by.
Sorry for that! But like I told you in my last post I can't talk a lot about what happens on set and since that is about all that is going on in my head right now it's very hard to find things to blog about. Or even get the thought "I need to blog now".
But I realised today I actually DO have things I want to show you about what's going on in my life. So let's do that!
We spent the weekend before shooting started at the production office. We haven't been there since, and I had a feeling it would be long until next time, so I went bananas with the self timer up on the roof. I really like those moments alone exploring, jumping around and running back and forth to set the timer/look at the photo I just took to see if it turned out any good.
David on the first day of filming! Look how cute!
I have been at the set every other day. I come and go as I want to and it feels good to have a couple of days for myself every now and then. When I'm not at the filmset I'm walking around in Burbank where we live and sit at cafés writing. Here's a pine tree lined street close to us that is mysterious and dark usually, but when someone has watered the street at the same time as their gardens, it turns into an even more beautiful scene.
I would get super bored if I would only do one or the other (alone days or hanging out at the set) but now as I can choose to mix it up I really enjoy the days I have on my own.
The movieset is super exciting with lots of people running around doing their thing and I find it so amazing to see David working so surely with experienced actors and film crew. It's such a huge leap to go from making movies just two people in an apartment to making a studiofilm in Hollywood. I'm beyond impressed with how awesome David is in this situation.
A couple of hands I found on a wall that are both cute and extremely spooky at the same time. Baby ghost hands!
When we had only been in LA for a couple of weeks our wonderful neighbours knocked on our door and gave me this shirt. They had found it in a store and had to buy it for me because it happened to have Lights Out written on it.
It has nothing to do with our film but I obviously feel like it's meant to be so I wore it on set and felt like a fangirl all day.
On the first weekend after filming started we switched the production office for the filmset. I found spooky places in the large building and obviously got good use of my gorillapod and self timer. I'm really fond of the light and shadows in this photo. I love using what is around me and this is a perfect example of how to get the surroundings to work in your favour.
And I definitely can't resist a good hallway.
On the last day at the first filming location they filmed some outdoor scenes and it was a lot of work before they could take a break for food. Since I do what I feel like when I'm there I fetched a cup of coffee and went up on the roof for some alone time. It was during golden hour so the light was just beautiful. I took some photos and then I realised I could see what the film crew was up to from my spot above.
Looking down at people who don't know they are being watched...
Then David walked past and I sent him a text that he should look up. When he saw me he came up on the roof too. He had a few minutes to breath (and make out) away from the hustle and bustle of the movieset. It was a perfect moment. One of those you'll remember forever.
The view was kinda amazing.
I have been taking a bunch of outfit photos as well. This one was to show off my new second hand blouse that stops at the waist, covers my shoulders and is made in a cool and breezy fabric.
Talking about clothes, I had my costume fitting for Lights Out last week. Such a cool feeling! And it made everything feel a little bit more real too. I got my visa so that I can work in the film and I have a part and it's just so amazing everything!
I can't wait until it's my turn to get infront of the camera. And I am actually the only one in this production that have been directed by David before this! HA! And I'm not intimidated by Mr Hollywood Director so I'm going to pretend it's just like when we make our horror shorts at home. Nothing more, nothing less (Let's see how that goes).
a self portrait on one of my walks to the closest Starbucks for some coffee and writing.
Last friday at the new filming location. I took a coffee break under some trees in the beautiful garden.
This monday, out walking, finding surroundings that match my outfit.
And yesterday at the filmset. They were shooting one of the most difficult scenes in the movie light wise. There was so much people running around and there was a lot of last minute details that had to be decided.
I love this photo of David all lit up when he's thinking real hard on how to solve a problem, and all those people around him, in the dark.
David (second to the left) and the producers talk through a difficult scene in the dramatic smokey film light.
Just a prop master with a plastic man over his shoulder.

So I hope you liked to see and read a little about what's been going on these past three weeks. My plan is that you won't have to wait as long until my next blog post, but who knows really!
It's probably the strangest time in my life right now and I have sort of decided to not force anything. This entire experience is so far from every day life that we just have to take every day as it comes. It's both scary and exciting, obviously. But I feel strangely calm about everything. But that's the true nature of an adventure, isn't it?
Talk to you soon, okay?!

Am I back from the stupid cold now? I frickin' hope so!
I thought I was cured on monday. Silly me. After working a day and hanging out with a friend one evening and also going for a walk it was like my body was screaming STOP HURTING ME I'M NOT WELL YET! So the day after, it started all over again.
So the quiestion is; am I back to health now? Who bloody knows!
Since I haven't been outdoors much in like, forever, I have been looking at photos from late january and early february when I actually was a very outdoorsy version of myself.
I realised I had quite a lot of photos I wanted to blog so here they are. In a post that shows how different winter in Sweden can be from day to day.
We'll start this post by going back to the end of january when David and I went to Österlen for a few days. Österlen is a part of the very south of Sweden. We always try to visit the sea at least once every time we go to Österlen because it looks so different every season.
This day the waves were rolling in, the water was high and it was windy and not very pleasant. But the nature looked awesome! Like a movie set! the colours, the textures, the mood; I love it!
It was David's birthday and we had planned to stay indoors for the rest of the day and eat cardemom buns (that I made as birthday gift for David) in front of the fire and play videogames. But before that we wanted to get a bit of air and adventure.
In the summer- green reed, standing proudly, waving in the air.
In the winter- yellow brown, wet hair on the swamplike ground.
When I edited these two photos I spent at least five minutes just staring at the colours, zooming in to look at the blury perfection in the back and the sharp tree branches in the front. It's music to my eyes.
And also. Anyone else thinking of the incredibly sad scene in the Neverending Story when Artax dies?
That moment when the wave is curling in on itself.
One day we woke up to frost.
We were going to Simrishamn to have breakfast at a café we visit at least once everytime we're at Österlen. When we got there the frost had already melted away. This is Simrishamn by the way. Cutest town ever.
And the morning when we were going back to Gothenburg again I looked out the window and saw that the world was covered in a layer of ice crystals. I ran out to snap some photos, of course!
Everything is pretty in a layer of ice crystals!
And now for the snowy part of Swedish winter weather.
I already showed you some photos from early in february when David and I went to the forest Iglekärrs gammelskog in hope of making a film. I had my camera around the neck as part of the character I was going to play so it was inevitable that I would snap photos of everything that day.
Let's take a look at a bunch of those, shall we?
It was very cold. As you can see on David's hands here.
He couldn't wear his gloves most of the time because of the touch screen on the camera and also because it's impossible to press tiny buttons when wearing thick gloves.
We were very brave against the cold that day.
David, the camera monster.
Can't get over how much snow it was that day!
And off he goes into the woods.
I think this was the second day we came here. When it no longer was freezing temperatures and snow melted from the trees and landed everywhere around us with a thump.
The lens fogged up a little. Then it looks like this.
And here I am, running through the forest with my cape dancing behind me.
(Unlike Madonna, I know how to move around with a cape without falling. Just saying...)
And that was that. Four different kinds of Swedish winter weather in one post.

And I prefer none of them. But they look quite pretty on photo, don't they?

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