I'm just popping in to show you two things.

First: Lights Out was featured at a film festival at the island Gotland in Sweden. In an old ruin at night.
This feels like the perfect way to see our shorts! I so wish I could have been there to see it, but I was really happy that they sent us this photo that gives a good idea of the atmosphere there.
Photo: Sandra Fröberg, Film på Gotland.
In other Lights Out news: we counted the views on all the different uploads of Lights Out. It's up to a total of 104 million views.
That is just completely bananas.
A few weeks ago we found this facebook upload that has an insane amount of views, and there's a bunch of uploads on youtube as well (this is our official upload though).
I still can't grasp the enormity of this thing. I probably never will.
And the other thing I wanted to show you is this photo I took of David yesterday. He needed a photo for professional reasons and we had maybe four minutes to take it before he needed to get to work and I had to get ready for my Accent Reduction lesson.
I am so happy with the result because take a look at that handsome man! My husband who hates getting his picture taken, looking all happy and relaxed. And beautiful.

Okay, that was all for today.
Hope you'll have a great weekend, and talk to you soon!

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