So I'm finally feeling like blogging again after we arrived here in LA last week. We are still living in a hotel, but hopefully that will change some time next week.
Anyway, yesterday I brought my camera with me all day long because we had fun things planned!
Wanna tag along? OK!
First we went to the Aeirloom Bakery that has turned into an absolute favourite this past week. Wonderful, organic food, cozy atmosphere and really friendly staff.
We both ordered the English Salmon. We've had it a couple of times this week, it's so tasty!!!
The wifi on our hotel room is beyond crappy. It only works if you're sitting on the toilet or leaning against the bathroom door. So when there is free wifi on the café that makes us love it even more! Here's David checking up on his social media.
After a nice breakfast we were ready for our next stop for the day: LA Zoo! It's super close to where we stay so we were there quite early, before the crowd.
Cute Koala!
Fancy Zebra!
Extremely cool mountain goats!
The cutest giraffe ever had a long stick to chew on
Happy elefant in the waterfall!
It was very green and beautiful.
I'm having such problems adjusting to the light in LA when I'm taking pictures. It's so difficult because there's so much bright sunshine that creates a lot of shadow so it's impossible to get good photos!
I hope I learn over time because it makes me so sad and frustrated to not be able to take good pictures.
When we had seen all the animals we were in great need of ice cream!
So we drove to a place that looked a little bit like a dentist's office when you looked through the window, but sold really delicious ice cream!
Found a bench across the street. Not very cute surroundings though...
I picked the flavors Peach yoghurt and Horchata coffee. So tasty!
After a few hours of rest in the hotel room we went to a mexican place and bought burritos to go. I had the brilliant idea to drive up Mulholland drive and eat our dinner infront of the view. So that's what we did.
So beautiful!
Our hotel is the white box to the right with red letters on top.
A rapper dude was filming his music video up there. He stood by the edge, raising his arms in a pose to tell everybody he owned the land and everything else below. Such a clichéd theme. I'm on top of the world! I own this city!
This photos is super blurry, I know, but you can see the rapper and photographer in the background.
When it was starting to get dark, and quite cold, we went back to the car to drive down the long and winding road.
And that was our saturday.
I hope to get back more to blogging soon, when we have a more permanent place to stay.
I can't wait!

Until next time:
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