Yesterday David and I couldn't wait anymore! We wanted to go film in the woods, snow and cold weather be damned!
So we put on lots and lots of clothes, packed the car and went to that place I told you about in my last post.
We thought it would be less snow in the woods because of all the trees... HA! Stupid city folk!
There was so much snow! And nobody had walked there before us so it was all untouched and incredibly beautiful.
We had planned for a film set in a mossy green forest but this, this was just even more amazing!
The long walk was tricky but beautiful and I had to stop and take photos along the way.
Look at my feet. Yeah.
We hadn't even reached our destination yet and they already looked like that. I'm not really known for my weather appropriate (appropriate schmappropriate) clothes and even though these particular shoes are my most responsible ones they are not meant to hike in snow like this for hours...
Trees were bowing under the heavy snow.
And on top of the hill there was a little red cottage.
I am so curious how in earth they got the material up there to build that thing! There are no roads and the paths are sometimes very tight. I just don't get it.
It's perfecly situated on top of a hill with a wonderful view over a lake, so I definitely understand wanting the cottage at that exact spot.
An old house structure (or something like that) with snow covered stairs.
Hard to see but the small path goes underneath that fallen tree. We could stand underneath it with the tree barely touching our heads.
It was so extremely cold though and after a few hours it was impossible to keep the longing for warmth out of our minds. We kept going for another hour or so. Coffee and fried egg sandwiches helped a little but after four hours it was just not happening anymore. We could no longer feel our feet and hands, more than an instense aching, and it felt really weird to walk on feet that didn't know when they touched the ground.
So we gave up for the day and went home.
We promised to return as quickly as our shoes had dryed and that will hopefully be tomorrow.
The weather is supposed to be warmer then. Yay for our hands and feet, but possibly not so good for the beautiful scenery.
We'll just have to hope for the best.
When we came home and shredded our cold and wet clothes in favour of warm and dry ones, we heated some soup and cozied up under blankets for the rest of the evening. It is quite interesting how the body feels extremely cold at the same time as the skin feels like a furnace.

And if we go back tomorrow we will experience it all over again.

(I'm thinking of covering my feet with first a pair of socks, then plastic bags, then another pair of socks on top of that to keep the wet snow from reaching my feet. Ingenious, right?)

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