I thought about blogging this yesterday but it was election day here in Sweden and my mind was way too focused on that for me to sit down and blog.
It turned out to be a very depressing election because the racist party became Swedens third largest party and the feminist party that I voted for didn't make it into the parliament.
It's just so awful.

But let's focus on something else entirely for a while! Something interesting and weird and hauntingly beautiful in its ugliness.
The car cemetery David and I visited during our road trip a couple of weeks ago. This day was our wedding anniversary and we filled it to the brim with amazing adventures. (For part one of this day click here )
This place is situated far into the woods close to the Norwegian border and people go there to look and be fascinated by the surreal atmosphere.
There are said to be a couple of thousands of old cars (some of them go as far back as the 1950's) in this car cemetery and the land is owned by two people who live on the property as well.
I've read that people in the area think of it as a sort of cultural heritage that needs to be left as is, but at the same time nature is not really loving it; the trees are not healthy and the ground must be filled with toxic waste.
No matter what, it's an extremely interesting and strangely beautiful location and the entire experience made a huge impact on both of us.

It's a place that get's the imagination going and we felt like we were thrown into a post apocalyptic world where everyone else was dead except for the few of us walking around the remnants of a long ago destroyed planet.
Fascinating, scary and very exciting!
I hope these pictures can give you a little bit of that feeling.
Nature takes over.
Imagine the years it must have taken for the trees to grow this big, that's how long the car has just been lying there untouched.
Mossy license plate numbers.
Almost melted together.
Cars almost entirely eaten by nature.
Forever queuing.
I stood here for quite some time just staring, my mind reeling with fantastical movie scenarios.
The moss intrigued me to no end. I have so many photos from here of cars covered in moss. It just loks so beautiful.
Really really old cars. But the grill is still shining.
Old signs from local businesses.
Can you feel it? That deserted, surreal feeling of being all alone in a far away future?

Sooooo, new week! Monday means theatre rehearsal for me, but before that I'm going to be working on my etsy shop for a while. New pretty things to be added soon!

Until next time:

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