Last friday David and I set out on a little weekend roadtrip to celebrate our first year as married.
We often travel south in Sweden so we wanted to go on an adventure up the country this time. Sweden is an incredibly long country (1572 kilometers to be exact) so we didn't go very far north but still far enough for nature to look a little bit different.
We started in the morning and had plans to go check out an abandoned factory about an hour from Gothenburg. Well. It had been torn down in 2007 so we kind of missed the opportunity by 7 years...
Our next planned stop though was the National Park in Tiveden. All we knew was that it was supposed to feel like stepping inside a John Bauer Painting and that was exactly how it was. Truly magical!
When I edited my photos from friday I realised I didn't take a single one outside of Tiveden National Park (At least not with my Nikon, there are a bunch of iphone photos that I might show you later), so this entire post is dedicated to this amazingly beautiful and enchanted forest.
We followed the trail towards Stenkälla (translates to Stone well) as that was what we've been recommended beforehand to do. We had no clue of what was awaiting and that made it feel even more like an adventure!
David took photos of me up on that rock for a little project I'm working on. To get up there was easier said than done. At least for me. David jumped up there like it was a piece of cake, but I of course had to leave a little blood behind...
And I ripped my only pair of pants! Oh no!
The things you do for art.
David is a daredevil!
No, he didn't go any further than this. I took photos and screamed "Oh no no no you don't!" at the same time.
Taking a break.
Then we got a little lost.
Maybe it's this way?
Or that way?
No! This way!
And here was Stenkälla. A crystal clear well underneath a HUGE rock.
Kind of hard to understand this photo but to the right is the way out from under the rock and to the left is the water with a perfect mirror effect.
And that is part of the huge rock situated on top of the well. And David is just a teeny tiny human being next to it.
David in the root.
David is an airplane.
Where's David?
There's David!
And then we reached a beautiful lake.
And nothing makes you feel smaller than a forest like this one.
Me and my Fjällräven looking at the view.
When we went into the park we had no clue of how it would look there or how long it would take to walk through, we just knew we wanted to see this place. It took us at least 1.5 hours and it was so worth it to be a little bit behind schedule. It was such a beautiful forest.
I am one of those people who hurt myself in the most ridiculous ways possible and earlier that day I was attacked by a rest stop toilet door. I know: ridiculous. I was on my way into the bathroom and misjudged how fast the heavy door would close and got the lower (and very sharp) corner right in my heel and achilles tendon with quite the force. It hurt so much! I stood there, clutching my heel, swearing loudly to myself for a while before I could even stand up straight again. It still hurts a lot but when we were walking around the park it was really bad. And then I banged my shin on the rock...
Yeah. I'm prone to these types of stupid incidents.
When we reached the hotel in the evening my heel was very swollen and red and since I didn't have any bandages I used my tights. Haha, it worked like a charm! The next day the swelling had gone down. Still hurt like hell, but nothing that would stop our adventure!

I'll be back with day two tomorrow hopefully, so stay tuned!

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