On midsummer's day David and I left Varberg for the island of Tjörn. It's an island in the Gothenburg arghipelago and it's beautiful!
We had booked a room at a hotel called Björholmens marina that was really wonderful.
In the evening we went to their restaurant just by the waterside.
The view from my seat at the restaurant.
Tough decisions to be made food wise. We went for the cod. It was delicious.
After we ate we went to the city of Skärhamn for an evening stroll.

But wait... what's that on the church over there...?
... A Smiley face! :-)
It was a cold evening so we went back to Björholmen early to snuggle up in the hotel bed, longing for the breakfast buffet already.
Breakfast view!
I wouldn't mind having it like this every day.
After we had checked out we went for a walk around Björholmen. The hotel is rather perfectly situated, isn't it?
After a while we went back to Skärhamn to visit the watercolour museum Nordiska Akvarellmuséet where they have a fantastic exhibit by the painter Lars Lerin. I have been wanting to see this for a really long time and was so glad when I found out it was shown there now!
Perfectly situated museum too.
I was quite overwhelmed by the paintings.
So was David.
When I had bought some postcards of a few of my favourite paintings (you just have to, right?!) we went to the café in the same building.
It was the weekend of gorgeous views while eating.
Those tiny houses are for rent, apparently. I love them!
Happiness induced by art, sunshine and pretty nature. And coffee.
Time to check out the cliffs!
David surrounded by nature.
Gaaaaah! The view! (And see, the smiling church again!)
The view! The cloud! The husband!
*happy sigh*
*another happy sigh*
Some mild rock climbing happening.
Some mild rock climbing finished.
David was a bit braver. I was more scared for the camera's sake than my own and protected it by taking photos of a climbing husband butt.
Rock posing.
Back on sea level again and really happy with the entire weekend. It was just what the doctor ordered!

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I'll announce the winner tomorrow so make sure to pop by then.

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