Last friday was midsummer's eve and David and I had made plans for a nice relaxing weekend away. David's been battling a bad sinus infection for forever and was starting to get really restless and I had gotten some quite dissapointing news so we were desparate to get away from the sofa for a couple of days.
We booked a hotel in the seaside town of Varberg and looked at the hotel website to make sure they served a nice midsummer lunch for when we arrived. They did! Perfect!
We got there twenty minutes past two in the afternoon and found out the lunch buffet closed at two.
Well, bollocks.
Checked up some alternatives and they all closed their lunch at two o' clock.
Darn it.
Defeated, and oh so very hungry and cranky, we decided to just go to a nearby café for lunch and make new plans for the evening.
Discarded midsummer flower crown.
Tired husband with evil sinuses.
Tired wife with perfectly healthy and kind mannered sinuses and a glass of beer.
The fish soup I ate was really lovely!
After we had eaten David started looking up where to find the closest grocery store. Our new plan was to buy stuff to make a midsummer's picnic with.
After some food shopping we went back to the hotel.
We were so tired! Slept for a few hours in this fancy bed.
In the evening we went out in search of a nice spot for a seaside picnic.
This wonderful wooden building is the Cold bathhouse of Varberg, built in 1864.
We walked past the fortress.
Reached the water again.
And found the perfect spot!
Sadly we weren't alone in thinking this was a great picnic spot. The seagulls were unmerciful and circled above us as well as getting creepily close. We should have thought of this since a big part of swedish midsummer food is herring...
Let's blame our less than stellar thinking on stupid sinuses and foggy brains.
You can see the dissapointment in my face.
So we gave up. Again.
And went back to the hotel.
And turned our bed into a smörgåsbord!
All the necessities (except for the boiled summer potatoes- my absolute favourite of the classic midsummer foods!).
So that was the midsummer's eve when nothing turned out as planned but still happened to be really lovely and just what we needed.
The day after we went to the island Tjörn in the Gothenburg archipelago.
But that's for another blog post. Soon.

I'm off soon to work the weekend but before I go I thought I'd remind you to enter my giveaway to win a Leaf Necklace Pendant from my new collection. Click here to go directly to the giveaway.

Good luck and have a lovely weekend everybody!

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