The past three days have been all rain and fog here in Gothenburg but before that we had a few wonderfully sunny days. We haven't really had the time for anything except focusing on the Lights Out madness lately so a sushi picnic in the park was a much needed break.
We got sushi from Ai and coffee and croissants from a nearby coffee place and then we made our way to the sun, trees, and grass.
Outside the fish shop. We weren't the only hungry ones around.
It takes some concentration...
Such a happy lady!
View infront of us.
View to the right.
Oh, David! You try to look tough but you're not fooling anyone...
... because look at you. Flowery beard and everything. The prettiest of them all.
Hi again! My favourite vintage dress of all time got its season premiere that day. I will NEVER get tired of this dress!
When the afternoon started to feel a bit cold we folded up the blanket and made our way back again.
I now declare the picnic season officially open.

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