A couple of weeks before our wedding David and I found a box of film cameras and lenses at a fleamarket and since we wanted our friends to take the wedding photos and use different types of cameras we bought the entire box. There was one camera that looked especially good so when the day arrived we lended that one to our friend Aili so she could photograph her view of the wedding.
There was no time to test the camera before though, so we just had to cross our fingers and hope for the best.
We stayed in the house at Österlen a week after the wedding for a little honeymoon and we used the camera to document what we did.
Our plan was to develop the films as soon as we came back home but, not very surprisingly, we forgot about them until a week or so ago. I actually used the camera during autumn too and was very excited to send away three film rolls for development. Two colour films and one black and white.
The photos arrived on monday and I am so happy with the result!
Aili's photos from the wedding are absolutely beautiful and the ones we took during our mini honeymoon are so lovely and makes me remember all of it.
It is quite interesting how these, in some parts, "flawed" photos can fill me with so much joy and I think they are absolutely flawless in my eyes! Light leaks, over exposure, blur and all- they are just what I wanted and perfect memories from a perfect week.
Jonas reading our booklet with the cartoon that David and I made of our love story.
At one point during the celebrations my husband was replaced by a cat.
Taking paparazzi photos of my husband.
We went for walks in the nearby town Simrishamn.
Flowers saved from the wedding.
We went for walks over the hills. David in bright light talking on the phone.
One of the best things we did during our honeymoon was that we had a late night picnic at an old fort by the ocean. We brought sandwiches with fried egg, cookies left over from the wedding, coffee and beer and then we sat on that little fort for hours until it became cold.
Our lunch view on one of our trips to Simrishamn.
One evening at the beach of Knäbäckshusen.
We went back to the place of the ceremony.
I am planning a post for the autumn photos too in a few days. I am so happy with how all these photographs turned out and can't wait to take more photos with this film camera! I also want to try the other camera in the box we found at the fleamarket. That one is way simpler than the one we used for these photos but I am really curious to see what kind of photos it will take. I'm sensing a new hobby forming...
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