Today it's exactly 6 months since David and I got married!
Our dear friend Hanna took lovely photos of the day and I really want to show you all.
It was the most wonderful day and looking back at these photos makes me all teary eyed. And it was still summer! Gosh, how I long for the warmer seasons to arrive soon! Anyway, let's take a look at the lovely day 6 months ago, august 24, when David and I became husband and wife! Prepare yourself for the most photo filled post I've ever posted...
We all gathered in the garden to my parent's house and then walked together to the place where the ceremony was going to be held.
After a while David and I headed off in another direction than the rest of the party.
The guests had to climb a stile to get to the top of the hill.
Say hello to David's dad, Ulf!
David and I took a moment for ourselves halfway up the hill because all guests hadn't reached the top yet.
Lots of skirt for me to hold on to when the ground was covered in sheep poo and thistles.
Time to get moving again.
The ceremony conducted by our wedding officiant Else Beth.
It was very windy that day. Love how the ribbon in my hair gets caught in the air.
Jonas, one of our witnesses, with the pocket watches that we exchanged instead of rings. See and read more about our wedding pocket watches here.
David hanging my watch around my neck.
And then, after David got his watch too, we were married!
Look at my husband!
So married!
Looking fondly at the marriage certificate.
Gosh, I love these photos! Look at my parents and me! My mother and I are the same and just can't stop the tears when it gets emotional. It's happening right now, just looking at these photos.
David being congratulated by his parents, Agnetha and Ulf, and in the background, to the right you'll see my friend Johanna (who did my makeup and hair) in need of tissues too.
(Oh, and that's actually my three best and oldest friends hiding in the backround of this photo. From left to right: Becka, Lisa and Johanna.)
Us and everybody!
After the ceremony we stayed up on the hill for a while, drinking mojitos and mingling.
My beautiful mother!
She's made that gorgeous necklace and the earrings herself!
Becka with wind in her hair, looking all lovely.
Lisa and Björn! They got married just a couple of weeks ago!
My niece Hilda meets Claes.
When we got cold we walked down the hill again and went to Mandelmanns trädgårdar who owns the land where we got married and the beautiful garden where our dinner and party was going to be held.
Inside one of the greenhouses everything was ready for the rest of the celebrations to start. The flowers are from my parent's garden and we had collected twigs and grass and wild flowers around the village. The table cloths are a mix of fleamarket finds, my mother's stash and sweet neighbours helping out. My mother and our friend Inger made it all look this lovely!
The seats of the bride and groom.
That's me! Love David's illustrations on the place cards.
Oh, and the 3D glasses were for the little booklet...
My sister Sara to the upper left corner, my niece Hilda in the lower right corner and then Thomas and Inger who are dear friends to my family and the wedding witnesses at my parent's wedding!
Everybody finding their seats and admiring the beautiful greenhouse.
We are so happy that we got to have our wedding and reception there because it's the most wonderful place and just being there made the day feel all magical.
We had popcorn, because that is my absolute favourite snack. We also had a big bowl of the chocolate candy Polly since that's David's absolute favourite kind of sweets.
The sign is for our guestbook, telling people that we are going to take their picture with a polaroid camera and put the photos in the book later.
In action!
Jonas and Aili. Our wedding witnesses and dear friends.
The dinner was absolutely amazing! Everything we ate was grown and made on the farm we were on and it was the most beautiful and tastiest food ever! Lots of colourful vegetables! That's one of the things people who were at the wedding still talk about when we meet, how incredible the food was. I wish I could eat food like that every day.
Checking up on internet. Facebook was a mad house of congratulations!
My nephew Alfred, who had been born just a couple of months before, in the arms of Thomas.
Sneaky bride squeezes into the picture...
A very cuddly cat found it's way into Ida's lap in time for dessert. We had apple pie and custard and it was heaven!
Ulf gave a really nice speech.
Aili and Jonas were Quiz masters. They had made a really great quiz with questions about David's and my tastes in movies, music, books and all things pop culture.
The evening came.
My dad gave a speech and then he sang a few songs. One of them together with my sister Sara.
And then together with Thomas who is my dad's friend since childhood.
It was such a nice evening.
And then it was time for the cake! A cinnamon bun cake! Inspired by a scene in my favourite movie Äppelkriget that actually took place in this exact part of Sweden!
Oh, and the following photos might be my all time favourites...
The bride gets to break the cake.
David is excited.
It's David's turn...and look at David's friend Fredrik, haha! That look he gives me! He is not trusting me with the cinnamon bun cake!
Appearantly it was some sort of law that the bride should feed the groom with cake.
Oh and yes, that is wedding Smurf and Smurfette on top of the cake.
And that was that wonderful, magical, lovely day.
It was THE BEST!
I hope we get to return to the scene of the crime when it's our one year anniversary.

So, monday you say? February?
Well, I'm still in warm august memories, let me stay there just a little while longer.

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