So here's a really embarrasing (but also a little bit cool) story straight out of my life.
On saturday I took out my hulahoop from it's place behind the bedroom door and decided it was time I got back too hooping every morning like I used to do a few years ago.

Back then I had started slowly, hooping maybe five minutes straight before I dropped the hulahoop. After months of doing this every morning I was up to 14 minutes without dropping the hoop and I was very proud of myself. It was good workout and I liked to see the progress every day, even though it was only a couple of seconds more each time.
For some reason I stopped doing it for a few years and every time I have tried since then I haven't been able to hoop for more than a couple of minutes and I haven't had any motivation to do it every morning so I just forgot about it, kept the hulahoop behind the bedroom door to collect dust.

Until saturday.
I started to hoop and I just couldn't stop.
I was so fascinated with how long I could keep the hoop spinning and I thought to myself "this is so cool, I'm breaking my own record here!" So I kept going until I was so tired I almost fell to the floor. I let the hoop fall instead and checked the stopwatch.

19 minutes, my friends. NINETEEN!
I was so proud of myself! And a bit amazed, because how was it even possible? Then I realised that I probably have enhanced my endurance through runnning, an activity that I didn't do back then when I was hooping regularly.

Okay, so that's the really cool part. Now comes the embarrasing side of this story.

On sunday I woke up with an extreme muscle soreness. Like never before experienced by my body. I could hardly move. It was HORRIBLE.

But yesterday was even worse.

It hurt to move. It hurt to speak. It definitely hurt to laugh.
It felt like somebody had broken me in two halves and then stuck me back together in a not so orderly fashion, leaving out at least a few of my ribs in the process.
I stayed in the sofa all day yesterday, whining to myself (and to David) about how stupid I was to break my record on the very first day hulahooping again after so many years.
Why didn't I just stop?
Why didn't I take it slow in the beginning?
Well, duh, because I was amazed by my own awesomeness, of course!

For those of you who haven't tried hulahooping you might not realise how hard workout it is for your back and stomach, so I know how ridiculous this sounds. And since I woke up today with a more regular muscle soreness I too am laughing at the silliness of it all.
But I'm also quite proud of myself.

Nineteen minutes! I mean, NINETEEN MINUTES!
Next time I'll stop after ten. I think.

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