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This monday David and I went to the little fishing village Vik to take photos of the waves. On our way in to Simrishamn we had seen the ocean roar and we thought the cliffs of Vik would look amazing with waves crashing into the edges.
When we arrived there we were so surprised because the entire cliffs were covered in water and I have never seen them like that before. If you want to see how they look normally you can click here and scroll down a bit in that post.
The waves were HUGE and it looked like a set from a doomsday kind of movie. Powerful, beautiful and scary all at once.
We stood with our backs to a wall of earth and couldn't get any further in that direction and at one point an especially large wave came rushing towards us. I looked around me to see if I could run away but in the last second I realised the only thing I could do was jump up on a large stone. At that exact moment the wave came smashing around me and it was such an amazing movie moment, you know like in action films when the hero run away from melting lava and you think it's too late but he or she makes it Just In Time. That's how it was.
Adrenaline rushing and laughter rising in my throat and the camera clicking away infront of my face. It was amazing!
When we stepped down the last step of the stone stairs this was the view to the left.
In the first photo I am standing in the stairs and David are looking ahead standing just below the last step. Water everywhere!
It was extremely cold and the storm was so loud you couldn't hear a thing except the thunder of wind and waves.
Look at the waves! They look like the clouds in The Neverending Story!
The foam and waves look sort of like snow and footprints when photographed. Isn't that cool, how when you freeze time in a photo something flowing can look solid?
Hard to see but that is one very large wave coming towards us.
We went to the harbour to check out how the piers were holding up. There were two other photograhers there and I'm guessing photographers have been swarming the place this entire week.
I mean look! Poor pier looking so small and fragile in the angry ocean.
The ducks looked super calm though, just bobbing along on the waves.
A tank top left behind from summertime blowing around in the strong wind.
David and the ocean.
It was quite the experience to see this actually. I have spent a few weeks every summer since I was a child in this little fishing village and it looks like a completely different place during wintertime. This was beyond exciting and if it hadn't been so very very cold I could have stayed there just looking at the ocean for the entire day.

See you soon!
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