Hello Hello Hello HELLO!
So I've been away from here for FOREVER it seems, but now I'm back -with photos!
Last thursday was opening night for the play Sårskorpor with my theatre group Teater Esther. We had shows on thursday, saturday and sunday and all of them were sold out! Such a great great feeling!
It was a fantastic few days and I can't believe it's already over.
David came to our Dress Rehearsal and filmed it so I might show you a few clips another time but he also came to one of our rehearsal days just to take photos.
I have been thinking of showing you these for a while but it just felt wrong to let you see them before people had even gotten to see the play.
So I waited.
But now, NOW I can show you!

Matilda making sure the amplifier is working as it should.
Some hugging it out before the dress rehearsal and me fastening the mic on Matilda's cheek.
Lovisa as Max, Hanna as Timo and me as Doris. In this play every actor had several roles each.
Timo and the excentric Virve getting to know eachother.
Matilda singing about the sad and lonely Isa, played by Lisa.
Doris wants to get into Joda's pants.
Lisa's other role Rolle is angry with everybody.
Joda all sad and lonely after Doris had her way with him.
We ate a lot of hotdogs in this play...
Sometimes you're just so frustrated you need to lie down on the ground and scream.
Lovisa as Dante on a date with Agneta, my other role in this play.
And the measuring tape had a small role as well. Here handled by Robert as the character Ylle.
Rolle and his friend.
Sometimes it's hard for people to meet. Sometimes it's even harder for people to want the same thing.
Hard to find a perfect fit for you.
And sometimes what you think you need isn't what you really need.
This play is a weird, fun, tragic, sweet story about friendship and love.

I know these pictures might seem really cryptic to most of you but I am so very proud of what we in Teater Esther have made and it was such a success that I just wanted to show them to you anyway. And hopefully you can see how fun we had.
We've been working on this for such a long time and it feels so strange that it's over now. We are talking about maybe putting on extra shows but we don't know anything yet, it's all about finding time you know.
I've been so tired these last couple of days and filled with a combination of complete joy over what we accomplished and sadness that it's over.
It's a weird, weird feeling, I tell you.

Autumn has been going on outside the theatre and it's been a wonderful beautiful colourful autumn this year. I feel like I've missed it because my camera isn't filled with red and yellow leaves!
I have a few things planned to change that soon though. Hopefully the last leaves stay vibrant a couple of days more so I can capure them before they leave for this season.

I've missed blogging so I hope to get back to it in the coming weeks. I have so much I want to blog about!

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