Oh my, I am so happy and excited to show you this!
Look at my new amazing etsy banner! Look at my new fantastic photos!

I have been wanting to do this for such a long time. Forever, it feels like. It's been a dilemma for me over the years; how to photograph my jewelry. I love to do it and I have been striving to find a personal style for this but everytime I thought I had found THE way, after a few weeks I've always been forced to admit that I STILL hadn't yet found it. Because I have very colourful jewelry and all colours do not look good in front of white. Or black. And I wanted something that looked clean but still special. Oh, I've been searching and searching and one day I just got it.
I needed a large stone...
So I went and bought one large piece of slate and went home and tried it out and YES YES YES it looked really promising!
I wanted natural light instead of using my lightbox and I made sure to test the light during different times of the day. BEAUTIFUL ALL THE TIME!
And the colours, they look so good and you can see the silver against it and oh, YEAH it's still fun to take the photos.
*okay, breathe now, Lotta*

Okay, I think we need a break from my rambling to have a look at these photos. So let's do that.
Okay, I'm back again.
The tricky thing when I started this whole Slate Photography thing was that I knew I needed to change EVERY SINGLE PHOTO in my shop for me to be completely satisfied so I started the Clearance Sale and then I went ahead to take photos of all my jewelry.
I am not finished by far, but I wanted to do this big re-vamp of the shop today so that's what I'm doing.
I've got myself a new fancy banner, I've changed a lot in the listing texts and the shop is stocked with about 35 pieces of jewelry and more is coming. A lot more.
Pop over to the shop and have a look.

And tell me, what do you think?

And Pssssst!
To celebrate this exciting makeover with you I'm offering a 20% discount on everything in my shop all through october! Just use Coupon code NEWANDFANCY during checkout.
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