Hello hello!

Yes Yes Yes, I know I promised you this AGES AGO but now it's FINALLY time to show you the last of the pictures from my photoshoot with Hanna in the old Papyrus factory (You can see part one here).
Since it's actually Hannas birthday today I thought it would be the perfect time to unleash the haunting beauty that is my friend Hanna. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNA!
We had a great time taking these photos and I am so happy with the result. Dark, sometimes colourful, dramatic and beautiful if I may say so myself.

Sadly my camera was "singing on it's last verse" (crudely translated from the swedish phrase "Att sjunga på sista versen" which is a too good saying not to use in english as well, so go ahead english speaking people- take it, and use it!) and now when I look through the photos I can really see how hard it was to handle the camera that day. It was the camera focus that eventually broke down completely a few weeks later and lot's of photos from this day that could have turned out AMAZING were too unsharp to use. I am glad I got these really nice photos though and I'm sure I will use Hanna as a model a lot more in the future!

I am planning a huge re-vamp of my shop in the days to come and you will see a few of these photos (and some more that didn't get blogged) in there. This is the biggest change I've ever done in my shop and I really look forward to showing you. Only a few days left now...
Pop over to my shop already though because the Clearance SALE will be over in two days time so hurry, HURRY!

I hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be, wether it being cozy sofa chill or wild and crazy nights out. I have been working most of the weekend, both at home and at my other work, but I had some time for wine and popcorn, an evening run and some reading. This evening will be spent infront of the computer because if I'm going to be showing you the fancy makeover of my shop in a few days I've got my work cut out for me.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing more from the spooky Papyrus factory. Do you have a favourite of the photos? I think mine might be the third from the bottom, I just love the smile in Hannas face and all the colours surrounding her.
Have a nice sunday evening and start of the new week, everybody.

Bye for now!
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