As most of you probably know by now I'm a big fan of cemeteries. I just really like the dramatic mood and the calm combined with the pretty flowers and trees. Lately I've taken up running in the evenings. For those of you who've known me forever this might seem odd and not like me at all, and yes, I thought so too.
When I was younger I danced a lot and went to aerobic classes several times a week. I absolutely love to move to music and that's what aerobic was all about for me. I went to step aerobic classes but my knees really didn't like that and it eventually gave me some kind of sports injury that made it impossible to work out. I changed to a more low impact aerobic class and it turned out fine. But I think I got scared of hurting my knees again so since then I've stayed away from everything that's too bouncy and jumpy. I love to take really fast walks so that's sort of been my workout through the years.
But that feeling of wanting to move to music didn't get satisfied and I found myself starting to long for running. I have NEVER run before. Like never ever. It was such an alien thought that it actually took a couple of years of convincing myself before I dared to try it. My body doesn't know how to run so I started out extremely slow because I did NOT want to hurt my knees again.
As well as being a bit terrified of hurting myself I was also very self conscious about how I looked when I was running. I couldn't let go of the feeling that everybody looked at me and judged my technique, my loud breathing or my pace. I chose the cemetery both because I love the surroundings and also because I knew I could be sort of hidden from weird looks. Yes, there is other people there but not as many and not as evil looking, haha.
I still walk more than I run but I'm definitely getting there. And I'm not as scared anymore. The most amazing thing to me is that I still, after almost two months, think it's wonderful. I've made a playlist on spotify called Jag springer, jag springer (I'm running, I'm running) with music perfect for either walking super fast or running and some of the songs fit my pace so perfectly I sometimes smile widely and mime along to the lyrics. I also really love to see how the cemetery changes from spring to summer. Every time I'm there I stop to snap a photo or two and here is the result. All of them taken with a sweaty iPhone and a somewhat shaky hand.
Right outside my house the sun is setting below my neighbourhood beech tree.
The grave chamber of the Keiller family hiding in dusk one spring evening.
Ah, Magnolia you pretty flower!
Popping out.
Everywhere there's hidden stairs and pathways.
I have started to love rhododendron this spring. Has it been an especially rhododendron friendly season this year or why do they seem to pop up everywhere lately when I haven't really noticed them before?
Sun through tree branches will always make me stop and sigh.
And snap a photo.
The city on the other side.
When the sun sets it paints the graves in the most amazing light and makes this cross look like it's on fire.
Perfectly situated house.
Rainy and grey is pretty too.
The Keiller family sure thought they were important people...
On my way home I pass these fighting dudes. I think it's such an hilarious statue and for some reason I think the weather and the light makes it look different every day.
And I'll end this post with a picture of me coming home from the worst rainfall ever. I had just passed through the gates to the cemetery when it started to rain but I said to myself it probably wouldn't be so bad. Well, yeah. It poured down the entire time and after ten minutes I was completely soaked and decided I couldn't get any wetter. I turned my face up and smiled to the rain and the music in my ears took off at the same time as the rain. It was actually lovely.
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