Hello, hello!
As promised, I'm back today with a huge post with photos from my two and a half hour walk in Pollok Park in Glasgow.
It was such amazing light everywhere in the park and the leaves were amazingly green. It's hard to understand when you look at theses photos that I havent enhanced the green colour in any of them. In some of them I have even lowered the saturation for a more dramatic effect, but you will understand soon why I feel I need to explain that I have NOT enhanced the green in any photo. It was like I had stepped into a world where green had exploded everywhere and made babies with the light so that everything bathed in a wonderful glowing greenness.
When I was a little girl I used to love to find hidden places, build forts and decide that a especially beautiful glade was my personal kingdom.
This place gave me that exact feeling. I just wanted to stay there forever.
I hope that this post can give you a little bit of that joy and freedom that I felt walking around in Pollok Park.
The entrance from afar. I didn't know at all what awaited me.
I stepped into a fairytale forest.
The forest ground was covered in blue flowers.
I reached an opening with a large pond.
The water was like a dark mirror.
This dog seemed to love this place almost as much as I did. And you see the mirror effect...
...the world is upside down!
Gosh, could the mood be more like a fairytale!? I don't think so. I could sit with my face in my hands staring for hours on end into this photo on my computer screen. I want to be able to zap myself there and just lay there where the light is hitting the ground and just breath and look up into the tree tops.
This large tree had a carpet of blue flowers surrounding it. It was impossible to capture the entire tree in one photo because I had to leave the path and climb a little hill to reach it and then you got too close to it. Doesn't it look like somebody sprinkled flowers at the base of the tree? Or maybe all these blue flowers just couldnt resist the power of the tree and flew across the forrest to gather around the tree?
Yeah, it makes my head spin with fairytale ideas.
A secret Rhododendron path. Love how the ground is covered with petals.
A rhododendron tree!
I have now added a rhododendron tree to my list of Flower trees i need to have in my garden when I grow up (other trees included on the list: magnolia, cherry, lilacs, jasmin...).
Some very large rhododendron bushes.
I might need one or two of these in my imaginary garden as well...
Walked past Pollok House.
Said hello to some cows.
A bundle of calf.
Every road should have trees on each side.
If I become President of the World that is one of the things I would make happen. It could be my slogan.
Vote for Lotta Losten. "Every road should have trees on each side."
I found a tree with weird and beautiful bark. Such amazing patterns!
I made a new friend who let me come really close before he took off.
A large uprooted tree. The swedish word for this is Rotvälta. I think it is my favourite swedish word at the moment. Sounds so folk tale-ish. Rotvälta. Rrrrrrotvälta. ROTVÄLTA!
Turned right on a small hidden path and saw this. Oh my gosh. That light!
Walked closer. The green light drew me in, it was impossible to resist.
Ah. Sigh.
I don't think I can describe the feeling this place gave me. I think this must be how religious people feel when they walk into an especially beautiful church and they feel peace and freedom and connection to something larger than yourself. Trees have always been really special for me. I cried when our landlord fell some trees in our garden when I was a kid. A few days ago I heard from my mother that they recently had to take down the two really old and huge trees that was left in their garden. They were completely empty inside. It felt like somebody I knew closely had died.
It's just that powerful to me.
And as sad as I can be to see a tree being taken down, I can be immensely happy to be surrounded with trees like these. They make me all bubbly with laughter.
Put the camera on the ground and turned on the timer and then I ran back and forth to take self portraits because I had to see myself from the outside in all this green light. It felt like I needed to see how small I was in comparison to the trees. I am very small.
Eventually I had to drag myself away from the green path. Spotted a clearing through the drapes of branches and leaves.
Put the camera on the ground again. Focused on a branch, apparently. Made a camera stand of sticks and stones for the next picture.
Lurking behind a tree.
Hugging a tree.
Running through the forrest like my life depended on it.
Haha, I love this effect! It really looks like I'm super fast. I tell you, I was not.
Drawn by the light, gazing into the future?
And I'm gone.

I left the park and it felt like I had traveled through time and space.
In august I will return to Scotland and I will bring David with me. I need to show him this place then. The trees will probably not be as spring green by then but I can't wait to be back!
Until then: I will stare at these photos for hours. Some of them might even look lovely as large prints, don't you think?

A weird feeling just hit me. I almost forgot I was in my apartment with the city just outside the window. Traveled through space and time to Pollok Park.
Soon I will need to switch my mind back to Gothenburg time again though, because I have theatre rehearsals in less than an hour!
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