Yesterday David and I got to visit a place we've been dying to see for several years now.
The old Papyrus factory in Mölndal, just outside of Gothenburg.
The place has been abandoned for a long time and it's a dream come true for people who are into things like urban exploring.
David is going to make a shortfilm soon and this was the first place that came to our minds when we talked about possible locations for a couple of the film's scenes. We had to have permission to enter the old factory and a man who showed us around, it could be quite dangerous to walk around there alone. I've been dreaming of having a photoshoot with a model and my jewelry there, so I was happy to come along and see the place beforehand.
It was such an amazing adventure!
This is exactly the kind of places I love. It's rugged, rusty, scary and beautiful all at the same time.
We found that it is the perfect spot for both David's shortfilm and my jewelry photoshoot so we will definitely be back there soon.
I took A LOT of photos and it was really hard to cut down the amount of pictures to post here so beware: this is one large blog post.
So, lets have a look then. I hope you get a little bit of the feeling we had walking around this fantastic setting.
Waiting for our guide to arrive.
And we went inside...
The old escalators have been still for many years.
The light was amazing everywhere here!
White fabric was blowing in the wind.
My heart rate was beating all over the place, I was just so excited!
Light seeping in from the outside.
Click on the photo for beautiful wide screen effect.
Looked out the door in the previous picture.
I stopped abruptly when I saw this in the corner of my eye.
Hello there, creepy large baby!
Looking through one of the large factory buildings.
The graffiti on the board says Snopp (Penis) which of course is a perfectly reasonable thing to write in an abandoned factory building.
Then we found this large room. It was breathtaking. I mean, yeah. Truly breathtaking.
The large windows and high ceiling made this room so light and beautiful.
Light coming through the ceiling like drapes over the cement.
We came out of the buildings and said goodbye to our guide who told us we were free to walk around on the outside as much as we wanted.
Here is the large cement pool.
I love how the graffiti and the trees turn these grey buildings into something colourful!
"Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink"
This was another really great place. So cool with the two floors, the graffiti and the plants growing everywhere. Yeah, I love this so much!
Skum. Translates to both Weird and Foam. Sometimes swedish really is a weird language (Or a foam language?).
David behind my phone camera.
We walked back to the car with a happy bounce in our steps. Can't wait to return for the real thing.
I love how a place like this can exist in the middle of a city. Apparenly they want to tear it down and build new buildings sometime in the future. I can understand that it's a really unsecure place and the people working in the surrounding buildings must be very tired of people running around unauthorised, and destroying the place even more, but, but, but IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Isn't it beautiful!?
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