Hej hej!
I've had my friend Johanna here for a few days. We've been friends since we were kids and lived in the same neighbourhood (actually even long before that but that's another story involving a plastic frog).
Yesterday we had a day filled with lots of nice things, I thought I'd show you.
We walked through the cemetery and I got the most amazing film idea that I won't tell you anything about because it is so wonderful I'm afraid someone would want to steal my oh so brilliant ideas. And we can't have that!
Johanna trying out the comfiness of a seriously large sofa.
Found our way to Antikhallarna.
In one of the shops I bought old postcards and studio portraits of beautiful and/or funny strangers, and Johanna found some pretty bills.
Then it was time for fika!
Johanna is tasting the mango smoothie...
...and giving it a great review!
Kids of today, taking photos of their food.
After a while we continued our walk through Gothenburg and found this welcoming sign. So pretty, we just had to go inside!
Climbing the stairs to Floramor & Krukatös
And we stepped into this. I think this might be the prettiest shop I've seen. Flowers and things everywhere!
I mean look at this! So many pretty things!
We looked around for quite some time.
Smelling the flowers.
The pretty plants were outside as well.
Flower nose.
There's even a coffee place in the courtyard and I feel like I've found a beautiful treasure in the middle of the city. Must go back soon!
It was summer in Gothenburg. I love how people start to use the surroundings again after so many cold months of just walking from point A to point B without looking around.
Park and tulips.
When we walked home we realised that day had turned into evening. Our feet were sore after walking around for hours.
It's windy in this town!
Johanna "Crazy Eyes". Compulsory elevator pic.
When we were home I baked bread and we sat in the kitchen eating warm bread and drinking tea for a few hours before Johanna brought out the big guns. Or eyeshadow palettes, in this case.
She work as an esthetician and she's going to do my makeup on the wedding (100 days, wooop!).
Starting off with a blank canvas.
Here I'm listening intently. I'm not sad beyond words, as it may seem.
Here I'm listening intently. I'm not a small child looking fondly at fluffy bunny rabbits, as it may seem.
Laughing with powder flying around my face. It could be dangerous. It went well, though.
Applying false eyelashes. Not removing the ones I already have.
Artist at work.
I won't show you more now, but we found out which things didn't work and which ones that did.
It was midnight before we were finished and I was all dolled up. And then I had to go wash it off for the night. All that work for only five minutes!

Fun fact: Johanna was the one doing my makeup for my highschool prom. She already knew back then what she wanted to do.

Today Johanna went home again after a too short time here. We always have so much to talk about! And we didn't have time to do even a third of all the things we had planned.

Now I'm going to try to persuade David to go with me for an evening stroll. Wish me luck!
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