During my long and boring cold the creative part of my brain got to work. I don't know why that always seems to happen, but maybe it's because my body can't focus on anything like moving and thinking complete thoughts. It's boring and my mind works really well while bored, apparently.
Anyway, during this boring cold my mind came up with some new kinds of cage pendants. One spear shaped and one in the shape of a teardrop.
It was so great when I made the first one because I realised that 1: This is too big and therefore too fragile. and 2: This is a really pretty necklace pendant, I need to make more of them!
So, I did. Smaller, stronger and better shaped.
This is the first four to go in my shop but more will come soon.
I'm going to make many many of them because I think they are the perfect necklace pendant for spring. The marble inside is a light collector and it's so pretty worn in sunshine; Glimmering all over the place.
A pendant with a simple, clean and intruiging shape with a touch of something magical.
Click on the links under each jewelry piece to get to the listing on etsy.

What do you think? Would you like to wear a necklace pendant like this?

Today I'm off to work and later I'll start planning for a trip I'm going to make soon. I'll tell you all about it soon.

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