This thursday was the first day I went outside for almost a week. I've been totally knocked out by this cold, but now I'm feeling almost like normal again (well, what is normal, really?).
So, on thursday I took my camera, put on a vintage lens that David bought on a fleamarket a while ago, and walked out in spring ready to capture the day.
I took photos the entire day so you get to tag along.
Outside the door! Fresh air! New socks! READY!
Spring really took it's time this year, but during my week inside it finally arrived -complete with bursting buds and tiny leaves.
This was my destination for the morning. An italian café close to where I live.
They sell italian icecream that looks AMAZING but I was there for breakfast this time.
My date Ida. Since she's a freelance journalist and gets to plan her schedule herself and I work evenings and weekends we have started a tradition of meeting up for breakfast regularly. Our previous favorite breakfast place turned out to have really bad staff regulations so now we are on the lookout for a new favourite place in the neighbourhood. It's hard because there are not too many cafe's to choose from and the ones there are don't qualify for all our high demands.
It needs to be cozy enough to sit there for a couple of hours.
They must have a toilet (because we want to sit there for hours).
They need to serve breakfast.
We haven't yet found our new place.
She is a cutie pie.
After our breakfast date we said goodbye for today and I had some errands to do in the shops.
Little old ladies with red berets were enjoying the spring.
Dandelions! Sure sign of spring.
At Olskrokstorget (the town square I live close to) the flowers were newly planted.
Went to the fruit shop. Fruit is my biggest addiction after tea. I just love to walk around in fruit stores, look at the different kinds of fruit they have for the day, pick the most beautiful, exotic, tasty, lovely smelling ones and leave the store with far too much fruit for one person.
I just can't restrain myself when it comes to fruit. Guess there are worse kinds of addictions though...
Look how pretty! Fresh herbs and oranges. Sounds like a name of a restaurant, doesn't it?
Compulsory elevator pic.
Camera hand.
Love this.
I like to ring the door bell when I know David is home because I love to see his face in the doorway when he opens for me. I mean, look at him! The sweetest.
We got mail.
Important mail.
The application for our marriage!
We are good to go, apparently not related in any way and not already married with somebody else. Good.
I celebrated by choosing my bridal couple teacup.
I needed some help from David with the computer program. Took pictures of his nice hands.
And silly self portraits where the camera lens looks like it is a mouth. A very surprised mouth.
And still life of jewelry in my window sill waiting to be photographed for my shop.
And the ever pretty seed pods from South Africa.
Worked for hours.
Many receipts to look through.
When I was finished it was high time for food!
David made pizza.
I took care of the dishes.
Garnished and ready for the oven.
It was so tasty!
While we waited for the pizza to be ready I entertained myself with taking photos of things around the kithen. Like basil.
And an avocado sputnik.
See the decanter? Remember?

The evening was very still (I was so tired after my first adventurous day since before the stupid cold). Probably it involved listening to music, reading blogs, watching Buffy the vampire slayer and almost falling asleep on the couch.
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