I took a peek in my phone today and realised that lately I've been taking photos of my home, my food and myself. I don't really now what that means. Maybe that I haven't really been doing anything except eating, getting dressed and looking around my apartment.
Not really true, but lets say it was and take a look at my iPhone photos from the last month with a focus on food, home and my clothes.

It's been some work in front of the computer. I still haven't shown you all the photos from South Africa (they were SO MANY) and I've been editing lots of them lately. Tea and physalis and some great music is great company. Here's the playlist I've been listening to nonstop lately: Möta våren med språng.
One evening the sun sent it's rays through our livingroom and landed on the paintings made by my grandfather.
Bedroom detail: Hats, jewelry boxes, "Lady with grapes" (I inherited it from my grandmother when she died a long time ago. It used to hang over her bed and I loved it when I was a little girl. I thought the grape lady was so sweet and even though I know it's not worth anything money wise I still love it. And she is one pretty grape lady, can't really argue with that.)
Bedroom window in evening light. I love the light through the blinds at that time in the evening. The stuffed animals don't usually hang out in the window but I'm thinking it looks kind of sweet. Maybe a bit like a kids room but I don't care. I'm a kid. Yes, I am.

Afternoon snacks. Physalis and Halva.
Lunch: Ruccola, avocado, beet roots, goat cheese, walnuts. (salt and pepper)
The. Best. Lunch. Ever.
Breakfast the day after: Home made bread made of a gazillion different kinds of flour and seeds, apricots and lingonberry. On top of it: Ruccola, cold left over beet roots and goat cheese.
Last sunday at work I made cauliflower and broccoli soup and baked Ett Fantastiskt Bröd (A Fantastic Bread). It is what it's called. Truly fantastic. Sorry for the sideways photo. It's called art. Or somehing (cough! LAZY! cough!).
Yes! Fantastic, I tell you!
It was appreciated by everybody at work. I love baking bread for people!

It was winter and I bought a winter coat in LA. Came home to a Sweden perfect for my new coat. Brrr!
Then the sun came! I celebrated with yellow legs and a hat.
Last week all these arrived! I have been waiting a couple of weeks for this load of socks and tights from We Love Colors to reach my mailbox.
This spring is going to be my most vibrant ever, it's a promise!
With my new tights came spring.
Minty legs, vintage velvet jacket and a mini skirt that blew up Marilyn Monroe style when I walked to work.
My favourite vintage shoes!
One day I decided what to wear after I've chosen the socks. So I was all black with yellow pops of color in socks and accesories.
Actually I almost always decide tights or socks before I choose the rest of my outfit. It's the most important piece of clothing, you know!
Wearing my cheeky grin and scarf from the lovely etsy shop Shovava.
Olive green legs, sun glasses and a jacket I bought in Prague a few years ago. I love this jacket but it's really poor quality, the lining ripped the first time I wore it.
And yesterday!
I look a little bit like a leprechaun here. A very stylish leprechaun though.
I was on my way to meet up with some friends for food and wine. It was a really nice evening even though it was so windy that we had to sit inside. I want to sit outside, in the sun and watch the boats drift by! Sooooooooon!

Bonus picture (Proof that I've been doing things except eat, get dressed and look around my apartment.)
Pirates or Spring cleaning?
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