I mentioned in saturdays blog post that I was going to a big fleamarket on sunday and I thought I should show you what I found.
Two soup bowls that the seller bought in Paris. Glass marbles (to put into my Cage pendants). Two different glass decanters (I have a special project in mind for these. I'll show you all in time). The one in the front is a "Jungfru" (Maiden) designed by swedish designer Signe Persson-Melin. The back one is from IKEA's handmade line.
And then a purple dotted scarf. I love how it's so big for that kind of scarf. It's really hard to find and I'm always searching because I'm a scarf junkie as well as a porcelain junkie.
Wasn't supposed to buy more porcelain but these soup bowls were so pretty and too cheap to say no to. And they are excellent for tea as well (I tried that yesterday).
Lovely marbles! The larger ones are probably too big for necklace pendants but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Love that there's handles on the sup bowls. So cute! By the way: In Sweden we call the cup handles ears. I just realised I don't know if that is the way you say it in english. Tried to google it but only found close up pictures of human ears. Gross.
What do you call the cup handle in your language? I'm curious!
I really look forward to seeing my project with these decanters come to life.

Oh yeah: David bought something too...
A rusty old axe!

He's one weird guy, my David. But not so weird.
He's planning on maybe using it as a prop in a scary movie.
I hope you're having a nice sunny tuesday. I'm off to meet a friend for lunch before work.
Wearing the purple scarf, actually.

By for now!
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