The day has come! Bush Willow Pendant is finally in my etsy shop!
I've been making lots and lots of these pendants lately and there will be many more in the near future.
Here you can see four of the seven I've listed so far. Follow the links under the photos to each jewelry listing.

Inspired by the beautiful seed pod called Bush Willow that I found on my trip to South Africa last year. You can see the real bush willows laying beside the jewelry pieces in all the photos.
And finally some photos that David took of me in october with one of the very first Bush Willow Pendants. I've meant to show them to you a lot sooner but somehow life came in between.
Now they're in the shop though! I hope you like them as much as I do.
Oh, one more thing!
I'm going to USA in march and I'm planning to bring lots of my jewelry with me.
I will be in San José for a few days and then about a week in Los Angeles so if you know of any nice shops where my jewelry will be a perfect fit: Please please please let me know!
The Bush Willow Pendant wants to be spread by the wind all the way to the states!
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