Yesterday evening when the sun was about to set, David and I went for a walk. I had brought my camera with me to take some photos along the way. We were heading towards the cemetery first and then we were going to get something to eat at another part of town.
This is what I saw that captured my eye.
Two naked guys having a fist and stone throwing fight over which one of them could have the sled. We didn't stay to see who won.
When we arrived at the cemetery the sun was setting behind the tombstones.
The sky was all sorts of beautiful and made you want to stretch your arms towards it in joy.
You know that hazy kind of light that comes around that time of the evening, I love that.
Some dead people apparently needed sphinxes guarding them.
Oh my, this is the place for scary movies.
Peekaboo sun behind the church tower.

After this we left the cemetery and went to get some food.
We passed over the bridge and waved to the lion on the fort Skansen Lejonet.
Walked through some not so pretty, but still very interesting, parts of Gothenburg to get to the libanese grill where we picked up our food before we went home again.

The air smelled a lot like spring and I'll keep that in my nose until this winter has passed. Today seems to be all wintery and cold again and if yesterday was all the spring we'll get for a few weeks I still know it's out there waiting. And that's good enough for now.
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