Hi there!
So I've got a lot of new readers the last few days! Hello hello to you all!
It's been kind of crazy to see the follower number on my facebook page go from 200 to 340 in just two days. I have To sew with love to thank for that. If you pop over there you can join the big Fashionista giveaway and win a statment necklace from my Irregular Pieces collection worth $54.

I have been recovering from a nasty cold these last days and have not been far from my couch long parts of the day. I'm feeling a lot better now and hopefully I'll soon be enjoying lots of nice walks in the beautiful atumn we have now.
Well, I had a point with this post, I really did.
A few days ago (before the dreadful cold happened) I went to my job feeling especially fancy. Some days are just good like that, right?
I wore my favourite hunter green hat, the velvet jacket I bought on a fleamarket in London ten years ago, my all time favourite shoes and PANTS! I think I've been wearing pants more these last two months than I have in my entire adult life. But the best part of my look that day was the bag. Have I told you about this bag? When my mom was a little girl, in the 50's, she used to have this as a school bag. When I was a kid I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I remember how happy I was when my mom told me that I could bring it to school one day. She told me to be careful with it and I promised. It was a very proud moment fo me when I walked on to the school yard with the shiny black bag in my hand.
But I was not like all the kids in my class. With my red hair and freckles I was an easy target for bullying and on top of that I wore things that I thought was pretty but wasn't really fashionable. So the kids at my school laughed at my mothers bag. They said it was ugly and stupid and I really couldn't understan why. It was the prettiest bag I've seen!
When I got home from school that day I looked at the bag and decided that I didn't care what the other kids said. I loved it and I was the one who should be using it so if the stupid kids at my school didn't realise how awesome it was it was their loss.
The next day when I was walking to school I swung the bag extra high and smiled hugely at their faces.
Sometimes I wonder where I found all that strength when I was only 9 years old. Standing up for what I liked. I just didn't understand how all the other children at the school cold have such bad taste.

Today everybody I meet want's my little black shiny school bag. But they can't have it. It's mine.
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