On one of our first days in South Africa we went to Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. It's a truly amazing place where injured, wild animals gets taken care of and let out in nature again if they are fit for it. Some of the animals won't ever make it in the wild again and they spend the rest of their lives at Moholoholo as ambassadors for their race. School children, tourists and other interested people get to learn all about how human beings have made animal life harder by putting up things like barb wire or sharp fences that the animals get stuck in.
We had a fantastic guide, Oscar, that showed us around, telling us every animals unique story. The eagle with only one wing, the baby rhino stuck in mud...
Oscar was such a great person with an amazing sense of humour making me laugh really hard for two hours! Here's some of the photos from our day there. Enjoy!
Say hello to Mr Pig.
This warthog is free to leave Moholoholo but he doesn't want to. They have left him further and further away but he always comes back again. So now he lives in the parking lot greeting all the people and getting some love in return.
The vultures where really cool! We got to walk into their cage and hang out with them for a while.
Oscar pointing.
The bride to be got to feed one of them.
And the brother of the bride as well.
Large wingspan...
We looked at the lions through the fence.
This male went to sit right next to us and purred loudly. I don't think I've ever heard such a great sound before. Calming, almost hypnotic, and really low pitch. It's hard to understand how a sound as beautiful as that can come from such a dangerous animal.
The leopard didn't purr but was beautiful to look at.
Here's the whole gang. The mountain view in the background following us wherever we went during this trip.
Eye contact with a hyena...
This is the baby rhino saved after several days stuck in the mud. Oscar told us that a tourist passing by saved the rhino from being eaten because human beings have a hard time realising that that's how nature works. Animals are eaten by other animals that need them to survive. That's nature. But because of our "bunny hugging human emotions" we can't take that. That tourist actually took the food from some other baby animal, but that's not a thought that crosses our mind in a situation like that. We just want to save the cute little animal. Interesting, isn't it.

It really is a cute animal though. I even got to pat him on his back!
This beautiful view captured me for a while. Until...
...the bride to be jumped into the picture!
Eye contact with a honey badger.
Oscar telling us all about the honey badgers.
This is a really ferocious animal. They are super clever and really mean just for fun. Still... kind of cute...
And just before the exit I found a flower that had me under it's spell for quite some time.

I really loved this whole experience. Exciting, meaningful and fun -all in one. If you ever happen to be close to Moholoholo, you should definately go visit!
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