Hello! So, I've been away from the blogosphere for quite some time. I had a good reason for it actually.
I was in South Africa!
A very dear friend of mine was getting married and I went there both as a friend and as a photographer (Old readers of this blog may know her by the name Sydafrika, as I usually call her).
It's been the most amazing few days and my camera is jam packed with photos. South Africa is unbelievably beautiful so you can imagine my camera rarely left my face.

Okay, brace yourself.
Here comes the first of many South Africa posts. This one focusing on the nature surrounding the Backpacker place where we lived.
Cute houses.
This is David's and my house.
Surrounded by mountains. Hoedspruit is the name of the town and everywhere you look there are mountains.
The evening sun when we arrived to Hoedspruit was so warm and pretty.
The backpacker place is called Mariepskop view.
David found a friend.
One day David and I went on a walk together with a woman working at the backpacker place and her 5 dogs.
Breathtaking. I have maybe 100 photos like these ones. I can't get enough of these mountain views.
Imagine being a dog living here. Must be such a great life roaming around.
Termite hills. Apparently the sand from one of those is good to eat. Lots of nutritions in it (I did not try it though).
I love these thorns! Super sharp and with a fondness of getting tangled up in my hair so I need to get saved to be free. I brought quite a few of them home to Sweden. I am a collector, you know. I'll show you all of the things I found in another post.
On our way back to our house we passed the reception building. It gets dark really early in South Africa and this is just before the sunset, at around 5.30 in the afternoon.
You know me. Show me a rusty wreck and I'll be in photography heaven.
The day before the wedding David and I went to have a look at the wedding location. It had been raining the entire week. Before we arrived to South Africa there hadn't been any rain at all for 9 months. We came with the Swedish weather apparently... The nature was very happy and every tree and plant around came to life.
We heard that the weather was going to brighten upo on the day of the wedding and we really hoped the rumours were true...
David is sceptic, standing on the island where the ceremony is to take place the day after.
Look at that view!
Aaaaaah, so beautiful! I really can't understand that I've actually been to such an amazing place.
Aloe Vera plant...
...not an alien.
South Africa turned out to be a lot cooler than we expected but it didn't really matter. Their spring is a bit like our autumn and I love autumn! It was very hot a few days though so we got to experience the entire weather spectra with sun, heat, wind, storm, drizzle and heavy rain.
One thing I really loved was the colours of nature. So many earth tones; blue, lilac and brown. The colours of the mountains ever changing, sometimes covered by foggy clouds and sometimes the air was all clear and it felt like you could see every bump and rock.
It is so hard to explain to you but I hope the pictures can show you some of the beauty we've seen.

Now I'm off to the first work shift after we came home from the trip. It feels kind of surreal to be back in Gothenburg. One thing is for sure: I have missed my bed and my shower!
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