Last thursday through saturday was Way out west festival and David and I was there. This is the best thing of the year for me because they almost always seem to get all my favourite bands and artists. This year was a really good one.
I didn't get photos of all the acts we saw but here is a little glimpse into the festival through my camera.
Florence and the machine! So so so amazing!
David found a chair!
Feist!! She is so incredibly cool. I'm a little bit in love with her.
And Jeff Tweedy from Wilco came and sang a duet with her!
First act on saturday was Jonathan Richman. I love him so much. I've seen him once before and one of the amazing things about him is how dorky and happy he is all the time. The sweetest man ever!
Excuse the fuzzy picture but I just had to show you his sweet dance moves!
And this is how happy and thankful he was when it was time for him to leave the stage.
For you who doesn't know who he is: have you seen the movie There's something about Mary? He's the singer following the protaganist around all the time. And here you can listen to one of my favourite songs with Jonathan.
Listen to all of it and smile.
Miike Snow behind there.
Then it was time to put on the 3D glasses! An entire audience of pretty nerds. Lovely!
We almost panicked for a while, it was so much people! Didn't see a thing and had to squeeze ourselves to the far back where we actually could see a whole lot better.
Then it was time to go home and I'm sure I slept with a big happy smile on my lips.
One year until next time. Can't wait!
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