On our last evening in Rörum, Österlen, David and I went for an evening walk over the hills. It was foggy and very humid. The landscape was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
I have been longing to show these photos to you because I really like how they came out. Misty and mystical.
So here we go, but first you have to say hello to my cow friends.
Okay, here they are:
It was almost like the fog greeted us. Welcome, it said. If you dare.
I could stare at these for hours, dreaming myself back to that exact spot. Can't wait to return in a few weeks!
It's a fairytale forest!
Found an open meadow. Danced around for a while.
Found a stick. Became a druid.
After some time we headed back over the misty hills again.
And was met by some nice sheep.

It really is hard to understand sometimes that Österlen is a part of Sweden. It looks so different from other places in this country. I love that I'm able to go there any season of the year and absorb the beauty of the environment.
It's my haven.
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