Let's start this very last Thailand post with some green.
One day we went to see the elephants. It was quite sad actually. The elephants were awesome but we couldn't really shake off the feeling that they weren't totally happy with their lives.
Here lies Claes ready for some belly massage.
After the show it was time for elephant riding. It took forever (60 minutes!) and we felt kind of bored after ten minutes. But it was beautiful surroundings for some parts of the ride.
And we liked when the elephant wanted to eat the tree instead of walking the way his master wanted him to go.
One night we went to the Cicada market. I had read about it on the internet before but all I knew was that it should be more arts and crafts than most Thai markets.
I immediately fell in love!
They had food carts all over the place, lamps in the trees and amazing crafts to buy!
I mean, just LOOK at the place! I want a place like this in Gothenburg. An entire park with delicious food, arts and crafts and places to hang out - open every friday to sunday! AMAZING!
We looked closely at all the food carts before we decided what to eat. And we actually ate desserts first before we realised we probably should eat some real food too. Love to be an adult and eat in the wrong order!
When it was dark the lights in the trees made it look all magical.
I was twenty meters behind on the way out, wanting to stay as long as I could.
When we left I felt I have to return to this place some day. Next time we come to Thailand whenever that might be.
Our last day in Thailand was spent at the beach. It was crazy hot and it was hard to move at all without turning in to a big sweat pond.
We made this beach bed ours and ordered in some fruit drinks.
The sand was insanely hot so for me to stand still and take this photo was a real challenge.
A tiny boat on the ocean! This looks like some sort of childrens book illustration to me. I think it would be about someone running away on the big, big ocean and experience new worlds that you thought only existed in the imagination.
David and his audio recorder capturing the sound of the waves.
Look, he's dancing in the dinstance.

And that was all from our Thailand trip. It was truly amazing and we experienced so many things.
Today we booked a trip to South Africa for later this year. A friend of mine is getting married there and I am going to be their wedding photographer. This year is one crazy travel adventure.
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