David and our producer Claes are working on a short film right now about a ladyboy living in Bangkok. So the main reason for us to go to Thailand was not vacation but filming the locations and also meet Jessica as she calls herself.
She came to Hua Hin for a few days of vacation and to meet up with us. We took her to the beach first to shoot some scenes.
It was about to rain any second.
Jessica was such a delight and really showed some dramatic talent.
It started to rain like crazy so we had to leave the beach for a while. But when it had stopped raining we went to another location to film some more.
Jessica works as a prostitute in Bangkok. The money she has earned from that paid for her sex change operation.
The movie is about her life story and especially about the choices she has to make.
We had a really great day with her, walking around Hua Hin finding good filming locations.
When we were done for the day we went up to the sky bar of the Hilton Hotel. We had a drink and talked for a while. And enjoyed the pretty view.
I am so happy that I got to meet Jessica. She was such a lovely person and her story is really moving.
You usually just meet people that are similar to you and your lifestyle so meeting Jessica was such a great experience. It might be a cliché but I really believe that people are mostly the same and Jessica proves it.
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