They hope David has something good for them. In reality he's searching for light bulbs.
Vi är hemma nu.
Trötta och krassliga. David stackarn har fått öroninflammation. Jag dras nog mest med en vanlig hederlig förkylning.
Jag ska sortera igenom de sista fotona snart men först ska ni få bekanta er lite med Betty och Dolly, de före detta gatuhundarna som blivit omhändertagna och vaccinerats och nu springer fritt på det område där vi bodde. De älskade oss och vi älskade dem.
Och nu saknar vi dem jättemycket.
We're home now.
Tired and a bit under the weather. David's got an ear infection, poor boy, and I've got a regular cold as it seems.
I'm going to sort through the rest of the photos soon but first I will let you get to know Betty and Dolly, the former street dogs that's been taken care of and vaccinated and now roam free in the area that we lived in during our stay in Thailand.
They loved us and we loved them.
And now we miss them terribly.
David has got an audience...
David tries to teach Dolly to sit but she seems to think she's getting an ass rub.
Claes has better luck wtih some dog candy.
When Betty is sleeping she looks almost like a kangaroo.
Yesterday morning when we were about to leave.
Running towards me for some goodbye kissing, climbing and hugging.
Oh, Dolly! You are the sweetest dog ever!
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