On tuesday we went to Monkey Mountain!
I don't really know what I expected but I at least wasn't prepared for how many and unafraid they were!
These two are obviously gossiping.
Hi there, tiny monkey!
One of the tourists bought a bucket of food for the monkeys and all of the animals rattled over the ground like rats and the girl in the middle looked very shocked and even squeezed her eyes closed trying to get away as the monkeys were climbing each other to get to the food. Some monkeys carry rabies so I really don't understand why they do that as a tourist attraction.

We climbed the stairs up to the top.
And admired the view over Hua Hin.
After that Claes' dad took us to a restaurant close by, frequetly visited by thai people but not by so many tourists.
The food was lovely and so was the bright coloured ice tea.
On our way home we stopped by a fruit stand and I bought fruits that I've never seen before. Some of them were amazing and some of them were quite boring. I love buying fruit when I'm in Sweden and even more over here. I could survive on fruit only.
On the afternoon David and I went on a little adventure but that deserves a blog post of it's own so I will show you all about that tomorrow.

Now lets jump straight to dinner on wednesday instead!
We went to one of the pier restaurants. This one had a little bit too much to choose from. Here you can see David struggling with the decision.
The view was lovely. I really can't believe how beautiful Thailand is!
A moment later this guy came to take his boat.
In the evening David and I walked to the little shop close by our house.
Dolly the dog ran ahead but waited for us to catch up. Such a sweetie!
Bird with tassel on it's head sang a tune for us.
This is just outside the shop. It's in the middle of countryside! Dogs and cows everywhere.
The flower of the day is my favourite thai flower this far. So pretty!

Bye for now and see you all tomorrow again!

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